3 putting training aids that will train you to hit the sweet spot

Most every golfer talks about wanting to make more putts. But how?

Some talk about improving their stroke. Others key-in on things like green-reading, mindset and/or routine. Or maybe you’re one of those golfers who just rifle through putters at a frenetic pace, hoping to find your golden wand.

Working on each of these things certainly has merit, but there is an important element that is perhaps overlooked by golfers: Simply training yourself to hit the sweet spot of the putter.

Hitting the sweet spot solves all kinds of problems: It helps your distance control because the consistency of strike can help dial-in your speed, and it often has the added benefit of clearing out the excess movement in your stroke, too.

If your new resolution is to prioritize the sweet spot, here are three training aids that can help:

Putting Training Aids


puttdots training aid

Puttdots, a relatively new entry into the space, is a set of slanted dots that you stick on either side of the sweet spot before you putt. You determine how far apart to place the dots, gradually working them closer the more skilled you get. Hit the dots, rather than the sweet spot, and the ball will squirt off in the wrong direction.


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Putting Training Aids

Dave Pelz Sweet Spot Putting Clips

Dave Pelz’s putting clips have stood the test of time. The clips come in three pre-determined sizes: Standard, Pro, and S Pro, which means you can just stick on a clip and go. The portable transport case makes it the perfect product to keep in your golf bag for whenever you may need it.


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Putting Training Aids

EyeLine Golf Sweet Spot 360

Slightly different than the previous two products, albeit with the same goal, EyeLine’s product wraps around both the side and undersides of the putterface. That way, you’re not just training yourself to avoid the heel and the toe, you’re also working to avoid the top and bottom of the putterface.


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