FIRST LOOK: Odyssey Versa putters are back

versa 2023 title No7

Read all about Odyssey's new Versa putters below.

Jonathan Wall

Ten years after its initial launch, Odyssey is reintroducing its extremely easy-to-align Versa putter series to help golfers aim betters and make more putts.

Let’s be honest, putting is hard, and the one thing most golfers struggle with on the greens is alignment — which is where the high contrast alignment technology of the Versa line helps golfers find the proper face angle at address.

Just how important is face angle?

Versa seven 2023
The new Versa series includes the popular Seven mallet Jonathan Wall

Alignment aids on putters aren’t new, and Odyssey isn’t out to reinvent the wheel by bringing back the Versa putter series, they are simply reacting to requests from some of the best players in the world who are looking for an edge.

In the same way Callaway’s Triple Track helps golfers get set up over the ball, Versa’s high contract alignment system can help players easily detect as little as a one-degree change in face angle, and on a 10-foot putt, being off by 1-degree will result in a miss.

Versa one - misaligned 2023
Versa’s high contrast makes misalignment easier to spot — this putter is only 1-degree from square Jonathan Wall

The new Versa line features a collection of Odyssey’s most popular blade and mallet styles so golfers can find the head shape that suits them best.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three putter
Odyssey White Hot Versa Three putter at address
Odyssey White Hot Versa Twelve putter
Odyssey White Hot Versa Twelve putter at address
Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Rossie putter
Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Rossie putter address
Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Seven putter
Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K Seven putter address

Odyssey White Hot Versa and Tri-Hot 5K putters

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Key features

Versa Alignment

Odyssey versa Mallet
Odyssey Versa Twelve Jonathan Wall

This part is pretty black and white — see what I did there? The high contrast alignment system is the cornerstone of the Versa putter series.

White Hot Insert

versa face whitehot
2023 Versa putter feature the popular white hot insert Jonathan Wall

The full line is equipped with the popular original “OG” White Hot urethane insert that is a mainstay across Odyssey’s array of putter lines. It offers a consistently soft feel with just the right amount of feedback.

Red Stroke Lab Shaft

Each Versa putter is paired with the newest generation of the Odyssey Stroke Lab Red shaft, which features a stiffer graphite section and shorted steel tip to reduce weight and increase overall stability and stroke consistency.

Pricing and availability

odyssey versa 2023 line
The full Odyssey Versa Line Odyssey Golf

The new Odyssey Versa line will be available for order and in retail shops starting February 3rd, 2023 with a retail price of $259.00. The head shapes included are the One, Double Wide, Three T, Seven in double bend and short neck, along with the Twelve in double bend, short neck, and center shaft.

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