Odyssey Triple Track putters review and photos: ClubTest 2020

Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter.

For the fourth installment of ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 17 new putters to help you find the right one for your game. Below are the results for the Odyssey Triple Track putters. You can find the full list of putters and test results here.

Odyssey Triple Track

Price: $300 | BUY NOW
Type: Blade (2-Ball Blade, Double Wide, Double Wide Flow); Mallet (Ten, Ten S, 2-Ball, Marxman)
Our take: Derived from the same Triple Track tech found on Callaway’s Chrome Soft and ERC balls, the alternating red and blue lines on the crown utilize Verner Hyper Acuity to significantly improve alignment, leading to more consistency. A firmer Microhinge Star face insert and multi-material Stroke Lab shaft round off the design. Ten model shown.
ClubTester’s take (16-hdcp): “Adding the Triple Track to the head is genius.”


Odyssey Triple Track Ten

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The Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter at address.

An alternate view of the Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter.

The bottom of the Odyssey Triple Track Ten putter.

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