lang="en-US"> Odyssey debuts Stroke Lab Black and Triple Track putters

FIRST LOOK: Odyssey debuts Stroke Lab Black and Triple Track putters

Tour feedback played a role in the creation of Stroke Lab Black.

One putter is based on feedback from the best players in the world. The other is designed around a popular alignment aid originally designed for Callaway’s ERC Soft golf balls, and more recently Chrome Soft. That’s one way of saying there’s a lot going on with Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab Black and Triple Track putters.

Stroke Lab Black is a continuation of the Ten and Bird of Prey mallets that debuted at the tail end of last year. Compared to the original Stroke Lab Silver version, which offered a contrasting black back piece and silver front section, a tour-requested black PVD finish provides some continuity throughout the line.

“When we took Stroke Lab [out on Tour], there were a lot of players that really loved the contrast between the silver and black,” said Luke Williams, Odyssey’s senior director of product and brand management. “It’s a little bit like the Versa look we’ve had in the past. But there are some players who like a little cleaner look, simpler.”

The R-Line Arrow is a new addition to Odyssey's putter line.
The R-Line Arrow is a new addition to Odyssey's putter line.
Callaway Golf

A redesigned Microhinge Star insert can be found in all five of the new Stroke Lab Black head shapes. Initially introduced with Ten and Bird of Prey, the insert provides the same White Hot Microhinge roll benefits with an overall firmer feel and sound at impact. According to Williams, removing the grooves increased the surface area where the insert contacts the ball.

Each putter is outfitted with Odyssey’s multi-material Stroke Lab shaft. The design saves 40 grams of weight and redistributes it to the head and grip end of the putter to improve tempo and overall stroke consistency.

Stroke Lab Black ($299.99) will be available Jan. 30 in a One head shape (crank hosel), Double Wide (double-bend, flow neck and arm-lock), Seven (double-bend, S-neck and arm-lock), Rossie (double-bend and flow neck) and new R-Line Arrow (double-bend).

Odyssey's Triple Track design is based on the popular alignment aid found on the company's golf balls.
Callaway Golf

While Stroke Lab Black already had a presence in Odyssey’s putter line before this year, Triple Track is a fresh take on the popular Triple Track technology that initially debuted in Callaway’s golf ball division. The alternating red and blue lines on the crown utilize Verner Hyper Acuity to significantly improve alignment by sending more powerful visual cues when aiming, which leads to more consistency.

“I can get excited about product,” said Sean Toulon, Odyssey’s general manager. “But this one, I have never been around a product where you could see such an amazing change as quickly as this one. I’m not going to say [Triple Track] is a game-changer, but it is.”

Triple Track's Microhinge Star insert has a firmer feel at impact than the original version.
Callaway Golf

With Odyssey’s Stroke Lab shaft providing consistency and stability during each putt, the addition of Triple Track to the top of the crown adds another layer of dependability to the aim point from the start. A firmer Microhinge Star insert rounds out the design.

Odyssey’s Triple Track (starting at $249.99) will be available Jan. 30 in four head shapes: 2-Ball, 2-Ball Blade, Ten (double-bend, S-neck) and Double Wide (double-bend, flow neck, Marxman).

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