FIRST LOOK: Odyssey 2020 Toulon putters, including new Chicago and Seattle models

Toulon's new Seattle is one of two new models for 2020.

Odyssey announced today that Toulon — the company’s line of high-end, precision-milled putters — will include two new head models in its 2020 lineup.

When Odyssey and Toulon Design merged under one umbrella in 2016, Toulon helped fill the void of milled putters for Odyssey. According to Odyssey, about half of the players on the PGA Tour currently use a putter with an insert (which means the other half of players do not use an insert). Of course, Odyssey is known for its face inserts, so Toulon helped open up a whole new category of golfer for Odyssey.

Since the merger, Toulon has taken off. The company started with just four milling machines dedicated to Toulon putters, according to Odyssey, and now there are more than 50 machines. Odyssey also says that Toulon is No. 2 in worldwide market share for milled putters, and Toulon had a 90 percent year-over-year increase in revenue.

Toulon's new Seattle model from the address position.
Toulon's new Seattle model from the address position.
Jonathan Wall

What separates Toulon from the dense market of milled putters, according to Odyssey, is the combination of performance with precision milling. Toulon is known for its diamond-shaped milling on the face that helps dampen vibrations at impact, as well as enhance sound, feel and quality of roll. Additionally, Toulon putters are available with Odyssey’s multi-material Stroke Lab shafts, which help promote a more consistent stroke.

Toulon's new Chicago offers a slightly wider flange than a standard blade.
Jonathan Wall

Toulon already had a wide array of options for golfers with different strokes and preferences, but now, the company is expanding by adding two more models for 2020.

Adding to its popular blade models (San Diego and Austin) and mallets (Las Vegas, Memphis and Atlanta) are the new Chicago and Seattle models. The Chicago head style, as Odyssey describes, is an oversize blade, while the Seattle mallet draws inspiration from Odyssey’s Bird of Prey putter, with a “crank” hosel. Additionally, the Atlanta mallet will have a new, longer flow-neck hosel for 2020.

The diamond-shaped milling on the face helps to dampen vibrations at impact, as well as enhance sound, feel and quality of roll.
Jonathan Wall

Each of Toulon’s 2020 putters will have diamond-milled faces, Stroke Lab shafts, and a Charcoal Smoke finish. They will also have adjustable weighting by way of sole plates that include 7-, 20- and 40-gram options.

The new 2020 Odyssey Toulon putters will be available at retail on Feb. 27 and start at $449.99 each. The putters are also customizable in the Toulon Garage.

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