Cobra 3D Printed and Vintage putter lines: Everything you need to know

2024 cobra 3d putters

Cobra's newest 3D Printed putters are loaded with technology

Cobra Golf

It wasn’t that long ago Cobra didn’t do putters, but as a company that has always pushed the limits of design and manufacturing technology, they jumped into the putter game full speed ahead in 2022 with the release of their King 3D Printed line. Now with the help of HP Multi Jet fusion technology, Cobra is upping their game once again with new materials and inserts.

What’s inside and out

Built on the winning formula of the original KING 3D Printed putters, the new line offers a selection of putter styles that include a lightweight, 3D Printed cartridge — crafted using HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology, to create more ideal weight distribution and mass properties that improve the sound, feel and performance.

“Cobra was the first company in golf to utilize 3D Printing in golf club and putter design, and our new 3D Printed family sets the standard for putter technology and performance,” said Jose Miraflor, VP of Marketing & Product Architecture.

Cobra 3d printed putter sole
Sole of the Agera RS putter Cobra Golf

Thanks to a collaboration with LA Golf, the new Cobra 3D printed putter line includes a milled 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum face insert equipped with LA Golf’s patented Descending Loft Technology. The insert helps optimize launch and spin off the club face. This technology works similarly to roll on the drive or fairway wood face, helping create consistent impact parameters when the ball is struck above or below the sweet spot.

Beyond the face technology, the new 3D Printed putter line also features a carbon fiber crown (similar to that found in the new Darkspeed drivers) to better optimize mass properties. When combined with the 3D printed technology, MIM body construction, and aluminum face insert, you get one of the most performance-driven putter lines on the market.

The 3D Printed line also includes adjustable sole weighting to provide golfers the flexibility to customize their putter’s head weight and feel. Five different weights (5g, 10g, 15g, 20g, 25g) can be quickly and easily adjusted.

3D Printed putter series full
Cobra’s 3D Printed line offeres forgiveness and easy to align shapes Cobra Golf

Cobra 3D Printed putter models

Agera: Full-size face-balanced mallet with single bend shaft
Agera RS: Compact version of the Agera with a 15% smaller footprint
Agera RS-30: Smaller Agera RS with a slant neck hosel
Agera CB: 38″ Counterbalanced Agera with stock 17” SuperStroke grip
Agera AL: 41” armlock Agera with more upright lie angle & heavier clubhead
Supernova: Fang-style face-balanced mallet with single bend shaft
Grandsport-35: Plumber neck blade
Grandsport AL: 41” armlock Grandsport with more upright lie angle & heavier clubhead

Cobra Vintage putters

As a secondary option, the Vintage line of putters from Cobra features more classic style head shapes along with a softer Pebax insert for golfers who prefer a softer feel off the putter face. Just like with the 3D Printed models, the Vintage line continues to offer LA Golf’s patented Descending Loft Technology to help optimize launch and spin off the club face by using a multi-loft design.

cobra vintage 2024 putter blades
Cobra Vintage putters with Pebax inserts Cobra Golf

As for production, the Vintage Series putters utilize a fully MIM (metal injection molding) construction with milled details and adjustable sole weighting to hole players dial into the right feel for their putting stroke.

“The new Vintage series is aimed at players looking for precision manufacturing and advanced technologies with a more traditional look and soft feel,” says Miraflor. “We’re excited about the new softer response Pebax insert and think players will be equally excited once they try it.”

Cobra Vintage 2024 putters
Cobra’s Vintage putter line Cobra Golf

Cobra Vintage putter models

Sport 60: Flow neck blade with 60 degrees of toe hang.
Sport 40: Plumber neck blade with 40 degrees of toe hang.
Wisesport: Oversized face-balanced blade with single bend shaft
Nova: Face-balanced, fang-style mallet with three alignment lines.
Nove-30: Slant-neck fang-style mallet with 30 degrees of toe hang
Stingray: Face-balanced mallet with single bend shaft and single alignment line
Stingray 30: Slant-neck fang-style mallet with 30 degrees of toe hang
Cuda: Face-balanced mallet with single bend shaft and three alignment lines

Price and availability

The Cobra 3D Printed putters are priced at $349 and unless otherwise noted will come standard with a SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol 1.0 grip with SPYNE technology and a KBS CT Tour 120 shaft. Presale starts on January 23rd, with models scheduled to hit retail stores on February 23rd.

The Vintage putters are priced at $249 and are available now.

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