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FIRST LOOK: Odyssey’s new Stroke Lab and EXO putters

January 4, 2019

The new Stroke Lab putters from Odyssey ($249.99 each) are designed with a unique weighting system aimed at improving the quality and consistency of the stroke.

Featuring a lightweight multi- material shaft (approximately 40g less than standard) with a steel tip and composite body, each Stroke Lab putter’s weighting is concentrated in the tip to promote a smoother motion. The weight saved in the light shaft (10g) is placed in the sole via two weights while 30g is added to the grip end of the shaft.

According to Callaway’s research, the counterweighted design with lightweight shaft and grip promotes more consistency in a number of elements in the putting stroke including face angle at impact, direction, ball speed, and consistency of stroke time. Feel is also supposed to be improved for better distance control. Odyssey’s White Hot Microhinge face insert further improves overall performance by promoting a smoother roll.

A few different views of the new Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle putter
A few different views of the new Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle putter.

Stroke Lab putters come in six mallets and four blades including #7, #7S, Marxman, Marxman S, 2-Ball Fang, 2-Ball Fang S, Red Ball, Red Ball S, Tuttle, Tuttle Flow, V-Line, V-Line Fang S, V-Line CS, #2, #3, #9, and Double Wide and Double Wide Flow.

The new Odyssey Stroke Lab putters will be available at retail on February 8th.

The original EXO putters offered extremely high MOI and forgiveness through the use of a multi-material construction with a combination of lightweight aluminum and heavier stainless steel on the perimeter of the clubhead. The new Stroke Lab version of the EXO features the unique weighting of Stroke Lab putters which in combination with the high MOI EXO design produces a more forgiving putter that swings more consistently putt after putt.

A look at the new Odyssey EXO Two-Ball putter with Stroke Lab
A look at the new Odyssey EXO Two-Ball putter with Stroke Lab.

A White Hot Microhinge insert adds to the package by providing a soft feel and smoother roll. EXO putters with Stroke Lab are available in both face balanced and toe hang options.

The new EXO putters with Stroke Lab will be available at retail on March 29th.

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