Nike Tiger Woods Signature TW ’15 Golf Shoe

January 27, 2015

Tiger Woods’ TW ’15 golf shoe is now available for sale on Nike’s website.

The TW ’15 ($200) is the first TW model to utilize Nike’s Flyweave technology in the upper portion of the shoe along with Nike’s Free-inspired outsole. This new design allows for a one-piece upper that provides extreme support while maintaining a very light weight and lots of flexibility. Because of the Flyweave design the newest iteration of the TW shoe is about 10 percent lighter than the previous model.

The 2015 model also features an improved outsole that is 3 mm lower than the previous model, providing better ground contact and stability through the swing. Tiger requested greater flexibility and grip and Nike designers used new traction elements in the toe area of the shoe, along with four replaceable spikes, to get the job done.

The look of the new shoe is inspired by Tiger’s hobbies and revolves around his love of the water including diving and spearfishing. This influence can be seen in the traction elements in the sole, which are shaped like octopus beaks, and the rubber in the heel and toe areas that are similar to shark scales.

The shoe is available in red/black, silver/black, and black/white colors.

Watch Nike’s video about the TW ’15 below.

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