lang="en-US"> New Callaway golf balls: ERC Soft, Supersoft Magna

Callaway unveils ERC Soft, Supersoft, and Supersoft Magna golf balls

Callaway's three new golf ball models for 2019 include the ERC Soft, the Supersoft, and the Supersoft Magna.

Callaway is one of the leading players in the golf ball industry, and by the looks of their 2019 offerings, they have no plans on letting up. The company announced the release of three new golf ball models for the new year, the Callaway ERC Soft, the Callaway Supersoft, and the Callaway Supersoft Magna. Here are some details on all three.

ERC Soft

The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is available in both white and yellow.

Named after company founder Ely Reeves Callaway, the ERC Soft golf ball ($39.99/dozen) is a truly unique product. Featuring a hybrid cover that combines the enhanced ball speeds normally associated with ionomer (Surlyn) and the short game spin and feel of urethane, the ERC Soft can be played by a wide variety of players looking for all around performance.

Callaway’s largest Graphene-infused core to date further enhances performance by promoting higher launch angles with minimized driver spin for max distance off the tee.

The most notable feature of the ERC Soft, however, at least from a players’ standpoint, is the unique Triple Track alignment technology that provides three alternating colored lines for more accurate aim than a traditional side stamp or Sharpie line. Available in both white and yellow.


The new Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

The new Supersoft ($22.99/dozen) is Callaway’s lowest compression ball and builds on the previous model with a softer cover and improved aerodynamics for more in-flight stability and longer, straighter shots. The new softer cover makes the new model significantly better around the greens due to improved spin rates. Available in both white and yellow.

Supersoft Magna

The new Callaway Supersoft Magna golf ball.

For players looking for the long, straight shots and soft feel of the Supersoft but with added game improvement performance, the Supersoft Magna ($22.99/dozen) is a great option.

Features include a larger than standard size with a higher MOI for easier launch, a low compression core for low spin distance, improved HEX aerodynamics for longer carry, and a soft cover for enhanced feel and short game performance. And for those wondering if the larger size of the Magna conforms to USGA rules, it does. Available in white, pink, and yellow.

All new Callaway golf balls will be available at retail on February 8th.

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