Lead Tape 101: Scott Piercy’s wild golf clubs, explained by a gear expert

Lead tape, admittedly, looks very cool on a golf club. There’s just something about those little gray strips of tape that add some pop and panache.

Lost in the fashion of lead tape, however, is that there’s actual science involved with its application that makes the club perform and feel differently.

When lead tape is used in certain positions, it can shift the center of gravity (CG) in the club head, and it changes the overall weight and swing weight of the golf club.

Gear 101: Where to place lead tape on your driver to fix your common miss
By: Andrew Tursky

Enough lead tape on the head of a golf club can truly impact the way you deliver the club to the ball, and how the club head reacts to the golf ball at impact.

The point is, lead tape isn’t just for fashion. It’s functional.

Of course, lead tape isn’t the only the way that weight can be manipulated and changed in a golf club. Many products on the market offer weight-adjustable technology built into club heads, and some custom fitters, or even the manufacturing companies themselves, offer custom weight options (some at an upcharge price, others at stock price).

But one of the most popular aftermarket techniques to manipulate weight in a golf club is lead tape. It’s cheap, it’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s effective when used properly.

Some golfers can get confused, however, about where lead tape should be applied, how much of it should be used, and why.  


To help illustrate the purposes of lead tape, GOLF’s Fully Equipped podcast recently did a deep dive on Scott Piercy’s golf club setup. Piercy arguably uses more lead tape on his golf clubs than any golfer on the PGA Tour, so a look at his clubs is very telling. Not only does he use a lot of it, but he also uses the tape in areas that can truly impact the outcome of a shot.

Andrew Tursky

Interestingly, Piercy says he applies the lead tape himself in his home build shop!

To help explain the science of it all, Kris McCormack, VP of Tour and Education at True Spec Golf (and one of the co-hosts on GOLF’s gear-focused Fully Equipped podcast), provides his analysis of Piercy’s lead tape work. McCormack fits and builds golf clubs for professional golfers, celebrities, and high-ranked amateurs, and knows everything there is to know about lead tape. As we go through Piercy’s current equipment setup, McCormack offers his insight and advice about the usage of lead tape.

Enjoy the video at the top of the article for the video version of McCormack’s lead tape 101 explanation. For the audio version, don’t forget to check out the recent Fully Equipped podcast embedded in this story.

Want to overhaul your bag for 2021? Find a fitting location near you at GOLF’s affiliate company True Spec Golf. For more on the latest gear news and information, check out our latest Fully Equipped podcast below!

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