FIRST LOOK: Ping’s G430 irons are loaded with plenty of distance

Golfers can expect to see more distance from Ping’s latest G430 irons ($157.25 per club). A few more yards is a reasonable expectation when a new game-improvement iron model is released, but Ping claims the number is actually 7 to 10 yards with better accuracy.

If you’re keeping track at home, that’s one club less into the green for most golfers.

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Indeed, the G430 isn’t your standard game-improvement model. Touted as Ping’s “longest iron ever,” the multi-material club offers a lower center of gravity with stronger, custom-engineered lofts and a thinner face. The trio of improvements leads to an additional 2 mph ball speed across the entire face.

“Our ability to make this iron so much longer while maintaining all the other important attributes golfers need from their irons like forgiveness, stopping power and gapping alternatives is one of the most impressive engineering stories throughout the entire G430 line,” said Ping CEO and president John K. Solheim. “We know golfers want more distance from their irons but distance without control doesn’t lead to lower scores.”

Ping PurFlex cavity badge
The PurFlex cavity badge boasts seven flex zones for more speed. Ping

A multi-material PurFlex cavity badge is the engine behind G430s newfound speed. The badge’s seven flexible zones allow for more face bending than ever before for increased speed. The badge serves an acoustic benefit as well, dampening unwanted vibrations for a solid feel (and sound) at impact, regardless of where the ball is struck on the face.

Stronger lofts result in a pitching wedge that’s 41 degrees to ensure correct gapping throughout the set, including the traditional scoring wedges (45.5, 50, 54 and 58 degrees).

ping g430 wedges
A look at the G430 scoring clubs. Ping

While the iron falls into the game improvement category, smart refinements were made to the overall profile to keep it from looking clunky at address. The hosel was shortened to make the head look more visually compact and clean; the shorter hosel also lowers the club’s center of gravity for ball speed (low on the face) and contact purposes. To ensure control in wet or dry conditions, a HydroPearl Chrome 2.0 finish was added as well.

To enhance turf interaction, 1 degree of additional bounce was added throughout the set to help the sole cut through the turf without any unwanted digging.

High-density tungsten toe and shaft tip weights can also be found in each iron, and contribute to the high MOI and tighter dispersion pattern golfers should see from G430.

Ping G430 iron
Ping G430 iron at address
Ping G430 iron face

Ping G430 irons

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