FIRST LOOK: Honma releases new T//World TW757 club collection

honma tw757 line

The TW757 collection places an emphasis on technology ahead of extravagance.


A longtime leader in the ultraluxury golf equipment category, Honma Golf has delivered some of golf’s most lavish products that hover in the thousands — not hundreds of dollars — per club. Lately, though, the company has dipped its gold-plated toes in the slightly more affordable premium category, offering a variety of clubs from its renowned Sakata, Japan Design Studio that place an emphasis on technology ahead of extravagance, and performance in front of artistic expression.  

The latest is called the T//World TW757 Collection — a category of gear that includes a driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons that share the same common namesake.

The TW757 driver comes equipped with what Honma says is golf’s first Carbon Slot, located behind the face to add flex to the lower part (of the face) at impact for a faster ball speed and a higher launch with reduced spin.

honma tw757 driver, fairway wood hybrid
Honma’s TW757 driver, fairway woods and hybrids. Honma

It also comes with a carbon crown section and titanium frame that generates the feel and sound better players prefer. The TW757 comes in two models — the 460cc D driver that has two weight-ports in the sole, one each in the back-heel and front-toe for improved directional control. The other is the pear-shaped 450cc S driver that also has two weight-ports strategically located in the front and back of the sole for spin and stability.

Both D and S models come standard with 9- and 3-gram weights. Weights are also available in 6, 12, and 15 grams. Both also come with Honma’s P-SAT sleeve and hosel system for a custom face angle configuration. Retail starts at $719 and up.

The TW757 fairway woods and hybrids feature a sole slot for higher launch and added speed and are built with a SUS630 stainless steel body paired with a 455-carpenter steel face. Lower-lofted models in the fairway woods have carbon crowns for better weighting and all woods come with an adjustable weight for fine-tuning. Fairway woods start at $415, and $350 for hybrids.

honma tw757 irons
Honma’s TW757 iron lineup consists of three distinct models — TW757B, TW757P and TW757Vx. Honma

The TW757 irons come in three options: the multi-material TW757P, which is a player’s distance iron with tungsten sole weights, an undercut cavity and thin L-cup face insert for improved ball speed, higher trajectory and more forgiveness. Next is the TW757Vx, a one-piece cavity-back with a 7-gram tungsten weight in the toe section to pull the CG towards the center of the clubface for consistency and better control. Last is the TW757B, a next-gen muscleback blade with a traditional shape and, again, a tungsten toe weight for an optimized CG in the center of the clubface.

According to Honma, the TW757B irons have the softest 8620 carbon steel for the ultimate in player feedback with tighter tolerances than any previous muscle back blades in company history. Irons retail at $212/per club and go up from there.

Finally, we’d be remiss if we left out a key component to the TW757 collection — the popular, hand-rolled Vizard composite shaft. A strong mid-section and sub 5.0 degrees of torque value increase stability and maximized energy transfer at impact, while the softer tip provides for a higher launch with optimal spin. As with all Vizard shafts, this proprietary shaft is spine aligned at 6 o’clock for added stability.

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