ClubTest 2021: Honma TR21X irons

For ClubTest 2021, we tested and reviewed 53 new iron sets to help you find the right one for your game. (For more on our testing process, click here.) Below are the results for the Honma TR21X irons. You can find the full list of irons and test results here.

Honma TR21X

7 clubs

Our take: Honma’s newest line of irons take various cues from past iterations and combine them into one. Tungsten weighting is tucked deep within the clubhead to aid those mis-hits. And to at least one tester, it really stood out. “Could totally see myself playing these,” they said. “Looks like the TR20 B I liked, but the forgiveness and speed is on another level. Almost feels like cheating on the mishits.” That’s a big-time endorsement.

Honma TR21X

Tour Release products deliver beautifully crafted performance with hand-shaped profiles and tour-level performance. Honma’s master craftsmen combine traditional metalwood profiles with cutting-edge modern technology to create the highest-performing and most beautiful golf clubs in the industry.

The details: This Honma variety incorporates a slightly bigger clubhead for a little added security blanket, both at address and when contact isn’t perfect. The hollow blade iron body is filled with tungsten weight and a foam insert behind an L-Cup face for a wider sweet spot and more distance on strikes lower on the clubface. Honma describes it as their player’s distance model that should be welcoming for players looking to make a jump to a blade style iron.

Where to buy it: Click here. Or better yet, get fit for the irons by the experts at our sister company, True Spec Golf.

See the Honma TR21X irons from every angle…

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