Honma’s ultra-premium Beres line goes for an eye-popping $4,500 per club

The look of Honma’s Beres line is the first thing that catches your eye. Any time you use 24K gold and platinum accents to create a golf club, it’s always going to turn heads. Throw in a $4,500 per club price tag for the 5-star Beres product and you have one of the priciest clubs in the industry.

Designed for the golfer with extremely deep pockets, Beres features etching, textures and fine detailed badges — along with a metal-pearl powder paint — that make the clubs feel like a work of art.

Created by the company’s most senior club makers — called “takumi” — the clubs fall into the ultra-premium category with prices ranging from $850 for the 2-star driver all the way to $4,500 for the 5-star offering. Even irons cost $4,500 (per club) if you opt for the fully-loaded 5-star version.

“The new Beres brings modern, elegant beauty and high-performance technology to a wide range of golfers across all global markets who appreciate fine detail and impeccable craftsmanship in golf clubs,” said Chris McGinley, Honma’s VP of global product.

So what’s the difference between the 2-star and 5-star Beres? According to the company, the top-of-the-line 5-star offers increasing levels of “cosmetic detail, shaft performance and use of precious metals in the clubhead.”

The metalwoods are highlighted by a speed slot with deep side extensions — located directly behind the lead edge — that’s designed to activate on shots finding the lower portion of the face, a common mis-hit location for recreational golfers. The slot is paired with a thin face housing internal radial ribs for more ball speed.

Honma's 5-Star Beres irons.

Three sole slots can also be found in the irons — two internal and one external — to increase the rebound effect of the face. An L-Cup face construction drives weight back and to the perimeter in the form of visible weight pads that improve the overall stability and forgiveness of the head.

All of the clubs come standard with Honma’s Armrq graphite shaft. Created in-house, the shaft works in tandem with the head design to maximize club performance. And if you need more pop, the 3-5 star grade options offer a “twist fleuret” M40X composite that combines high strength, high elasticity materials to transfer energy more effectively to the head. So it’s possible to pay for more pop.

Honma’s Beres line (metalwoods and irons) will be available on December 5th.

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