These do-it-all crew golf socks are stylish, functional and earth-friendly

IS Socks

As a young golfer spending much time in the sun, Isabelle Shee often argued with her mother about skin protection. Isabelle wanted no part of wearing pants (the summers were too hot for that), so she convinced her mother that pairing over-the-knee socks with skirts and shorts offered more than enough coverage. The trend became her signature look (see video below) when she began to play professionally — and even part of her brand, as Isabelle informally goes by “Sock Girl.”

After competing on the mini-tours, “Sock Girl” began to attract a significant social media following, and sock companies took note. Brands pitched Isabelle with deals and sponsorships, but she found herself feeling disappointed by the options. Because there wasn’t a sock that wasn’t functional, eco-friendly and charitable, Isabelle decided to create her own line.

Since launching last November, Inside Story Socks has sold nearly 1,000 pairs. Each set contains two recycled water bottles and one coffee cup, while providing compression qualities, arch support, extra padding for blister prevention and protection from UV rays. The recycled coffee grounds add moisture-wicking and odor-resistant properties.

Inside Story Socks also gives back to the community. For every sale, the company donates a pair of socks to underprivileged children through the First Tee of San Diego.

The Classic Crew ($19) has been the most popular model thus far. If you’re interested in adopting Isabelle’s signature look, IS Socks sells a thigh-high version for $25.

Either option will leave you feeling good about your feet — and your conscience.

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