Wilson unveils 2 new premium Staff Model golf balls for 2024

Wilson staff 2024 golf balls

Wilson Golf is releasing two new Staff model golf balls, allowing golfers to better choose the option that best fits their performance goals.

Wilson Golf

Not one to shy away from producing high-performance cast urethane golf balls, Wilson Golf is set to release two new Staff Model golf balls to allow players to better choose the option that best fits their performance goals throughout their entire bag.

What’s new

Wilson staff golf balls in sleeve 2024
The Wilson Staff model now comes with more fitting options and core technology. Wilson Golf

The driving force — yes, pun intended — for the two new Wilson Staff Model golf balls is its V-COR technology that helps to generate more velocity, especially on shots hit with a direct impact — this means lower-lofted clubs intended to maximize distance.

“Through our internal testing, both Staff Model and Staff Model X golf balls yield faster ball speeds than any other urethane golf ball in their respective class,” said Frank Simonutti, the global director of golf ball Innovation.

Golf ball construction and model variances

Both the new Staff Model and Staff Model X are built with a four-piece cast urethane construction to offer tour-caliber performance, with the Staff Model offering a slightly softer feel than its counterpart the X, and a flatter trajectory on full-swing shots.

Inside Wilson Staff 2024 balls
Inside the Wilson Staff and Staff Model X golf balls. Ryan Barath

As a secondary fitting option, the Staff Model X offers a firmer feel and a higher launch and trajectory on full-swing shots through the bag. “Elite golfers looking for higher velocity and spin will benefit from the ‘X’ model while the new standard Staff Model ball will be the perfect choice for golfers who generate enough spin on their own,” Simonutti said.

Price and availability

The new 2024 Wilson Staff and Staff Model X will be available starting Jan. 12, 2024, in both white and yellow options. They will be priced at $49.99 a dozen.

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