New Wilson golf clubs for 2023 (drivers, irons, fairway woods, hybrids) | ClubTest 2023

Wilson golf clubs 2023

Learn all about Wilson's newest clubs below.


For ClubTest 2023, we thoroughly tested all of the newest golf clubs on the market for 2023. Below you can find all of Wilson’s newest clubs, including the Wilson Dynapower drivers, Wilson Dynapower irons and more.

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Wilson Dynapower drivers

Wilson Dynapower Titanium driver
Wilson Dynapower Titanium at address
Wilson Dynapower Titanium toe
Wilson Dynapower driver face
Wilson Dynapower Carbon driver
Wilson Dynapower Carbon driver at address
Wilson Dynapower Carbon driver toe

Wilson Dynapower Carbon and Dynapower Titanium Drivers

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The new Dynapower adjustable drivers are offered in two distinct models: the Carbon and the Titanium to help golfers tune into their ideal shot shape off the tee. Both drivers are equipped with Wilson’s PKR2 dynamic face which has been optimized to deliver fast ball speeds, and a new six-way adjustable hosel to allow fitters and golfers the opportunity to change launch and spin with a few clicks of a wrench. Models include Wilson Dynapower Platinum and Dynapower Titanium.


Wilson Dynapower fairway woods

Wilson Dynapower fairway wood
Wilson Dynapower fairway wood at address
Wilson Dynapower fairway wood face

Wilson Dynapower Fairway Woods

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The Wilson Dynapower fairway woods are designed to combine a tour-inspired shape with a shallow head profile for easy launch and a clean look from address. Much like the drivers, the fairway woods feature a concentrated rear weight to raise the MOI and offer extra stability of shots hit around the face, along with a variable face thickness to improve ball speeds on shots missed around the face.


Wilson Dynapower hybrids

Wilson Dynapower hybrid
Wilson Dynapower hybrid face
Wilson Dynapower hybrid at address

Wilson Dynapower Hybrids

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The Wilson Dynapower hybrids combine a tour-inspired shaping with a shallow head profile for easy launch and alignment at address. The lower head profile helps maintain a low center of gravity, and when paired with the variable face thickness creates an easy-to-launch club from virtually any lie.


Wilson Dynapower irons

Wilson Dynapower iron
Wilson Dynapower iron at address
Wilson Dynapower iron face

Wilson Dynapower Irons

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The all-new 2023 Dynapower irons build on the original weighting-shifting concept to redefine distance by pulling mass away from the heel side of the club toward the toe where most amateurs tend to miss with their irons. By using an exclusive A.I. modeling platform, Wilson engineers went through thousands of variations of variable face thickness designs for the cavity of the iron to optimize the iron faces through the set and offer optimal performance in every club.


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