The 5 best practice golf balls for your home or backyard

If you’ve been keeping up with, you’ve more than likely seen our #playingthrough posts floating around on social media. If you haven’t yet joined in on the fun, check out these practice golf balls you can chip around in your living room/kitchen/hallway without worrying about breaking any valuables. No one knows how much longer we’ll be cooped up indoors, so I’d recommend getting your own set of practice balls to make up for all the spring golf we’re missing. Remember to hashtag your practice videos and trick shots with #playingthrough!

Almost Golf Balls

This is a hard foam ball that flies just like a real golf ball, except at one-third distance. If you have a backyard where you can make some swings, this is a great option for you.

Price: $15.95


These marshmallow-esque training aids draw and fade just like a real golf ball, but are limited to a 40-yard flight distance. These aren’t actually balls, so don’t expect them to roll like a real ball, but they’re perfect for chipping and hitting in your backyard!

Price: $29.99

PrideSports Practice Golf Balls

These balls are dimpled like a real golf ball, but are slightly squishier than the Almost Golf balls. They’re great for indoor chipping or hitting against a wall in your garage or basement.

Price: $15.98

InTech Golf Foam Practice Balls

These balls aren’t dimpled, and don’t spin like a true golf ball would, but they’re an excellent stand in that won’t damage anything in your home. Although, maybe steer clear of anything fragile like dinnerware, candles, or glass vases.

Price: $9.22

Callaway HX Practice Balls

Callaway’s practice balls are made from a dense foam, so they also fly quite similarly to a real golf ball. They come in green, orange and pink and include a mesh carry bag to keep you organized when you’re not hitting these all around your house.

Price: $12.99

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