FIRST LOOK: TaylorMade’s 2020 pix golf balls, co-developed by Rickie Fowler

Fowler plans to debut TaylorMade's pix golf ball at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Rickie Fowler: Five-time PGA Tour winner, Olympian, commercial actor, and… golf ball designer?

Fowler, who has a silky smooth putting stroke, teamed up with TaylorMade over the past year to help develop the new pix TP5 and TP5x golf balls for 2020. Based on Fowler’s feedback, TaylorMade redesigned and reformatted the pixelated markings from its previous iteration of pix golf balls. Now, not only do the markings help enhance visibility in the air, according to TaylorMade, but they help with alignment and feedback on the greens.

To make the unique design possible, the 2020 pix golf balls have the word “TaylorMade” printed in just one place on the golf ball instead of two places; most golf balls in the world have logos symmetrically placed on either side of a golf ball, so this is a big change.

“When we started developing the new design, one of my first comments was if we didn’t have the full TaylorMade logo in two places, we would have space to create a path that works for alignment and feedback,” Fowler said in a press release.


With more room to work with on the golf ball, TaylorMade was able to create what it calls ClearPath Alignment. If aimed and impacted correctly, the pixelated parallel markings should roll end-over-end on the green, creating what looks like a pathway on the ball as it rolls.

TaylorMade says Fowler played a vital role in the development of that new design.

“We learned a lot in the development of the first generation of pix, but through our partnership with Rickie Fowler we’ve learned even more,” said TaylorMade’s Michael Fox, category director of golf ball and accessories. “His vital feedback led directly to the development of the ClearPath Alignment System. It’s not just about unique cool designs that are easier to see, it’s now validated at the top of the pyramid with a performance benefit like nothing else out there. It’s the ideal combination of style and function.”


Clearly, Fowler also had influence over the new colors of the pixelated markings on the pix golf balls, which are Oklahoma State Cowboys orange and black. The TP5 golf balls have a black number, while the TP5x golf balls have an orange number.

The pix 2.0 golf balls have all of the same technologies as the TP5 and TP5x white versions, including a dual-spin cover and a speed layer system designed for more speed. To see the difference between the TP5 and TP5x models, click here.

TaylorMade’s new 2020 pix golf balls hit retail on Feb. 28 and will sell for $44.99 per dozen.

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