Why you need a proper golf-ball fitting to maximize your performance

Golf Ball Fitting: Titleist Pro V1 golf balls

No lie: There is a perfect ball for you. Finding it, however, may require help. Michael Rich, Titleist’s manager of golf ball fitting and education, has some ideas.

We don’t talk about swing speed at all in ball fitting. A ball has to work for all speeds and shots—the goal is total performance. Just because you’re a moderate-speed player doesn’t mean you’re limited to certain types of balls. We test Pro V1 against all our models, and it outperforms less-expensive options in all areas, regardless of swing speed.

There’s a lot to cover in ball fitting, but if your goal is simply to shoot the lowest scores possible, regardless of price, then among our offerings, it’s a choice between Pro V1x, Pro V1, and AVX. They’re all within 4-6 yards of one another off the tee, so that’s really not an issue. A full assessment is mandatory, starting with a launch-monitor fitting with driver, 7-iron and wedge.

But that data is just part of finding a fit. An on-course testing segment is just as critical. How a ball reacts on scoring shots, on and around the green, and the sound and feel it delivers are things a player needs to know before determining the right model for their game. —Michael Rich, manager of golf ball fitting and education, Titleist

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