Rhoback: Golf shirts for the super-active do-it-all player

May 23, 2019
Rhoback golf shirts

Rhoback understands that modern golfers are multitaskers who may also run, swim, paddleboard or play tennis—and then go out for drinks or dinner.

Creating a shirt that can weather a barrage of activity was the impetus behind Rhoback—a brand named for the Rhodesian Ridgeback (a dog bred to hunt large game in Africa) and a reminder that the wearer should chase adventure.

Rhoback’s polos, tees and quarter-zips in both brights and pastels are designed to serve an on-the-go lifestyle, and they transition easily from one activity to the next.

And if you happen to have a real Rhoback of your own, there are even matching bandanas for furry companions. rhoback.com

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