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12 trendy, under-the-radar golf apparel brands you need to know

October 17, 2018

Gone are the days of the bland and basic polo-and-chino golf uniform — and good riddance! Today’s emerging golf brands are designed to be seen, and there is more choice than ever for golfers who want to make a statement. Check out 12 of the coolest under-the-radar apparel brands that are heating up the links with bold, unique and sophisticated styles.


This innovative women’s golf apparel brand was founded in 2016 and focuses on delivering real runway relevancy with the launch of a new curated collection each month, which usually consists of a top, skirt and layering piece. foraygolf.com

Foray Golf
Selections from Foray Golf’s “Floom Official” collection.


Dormie’s high-end, handmade leather products are made in Nova Scotia by PGA Canada members and brothers Jeff and Todd Bishop. You can choose from their collection of unique designs or even customize your own. dormieworkshop.com

Dormie Workshop
Dormie’s “The Hollywood” headcover is sure to turn heads.


This surf and active-market brand is starting to make inroads in the world of golf, and why not? Bright, eye-catching prints and high-definition photography abound on these statement-making towels that are so pretty, it almost feels wrong to use them on a dirty club. leustowels.com

Leus towel
A colorful Leus towel can add pizazz to any bag.


This cheeky Australian brand was named for the mythical condor — a hole-in-one on a par five, also known as a triple eagle — and was inspired by the camaraderie cultivated by the pursuit of golf’s best moments. While there’s nary a polo to be found on the brand’s site, the hats, sweatshirts and outerwear for both men and women offer an irreverent take on the game we all love. birdsofcondor.com 

Birds of Condor
Birds of Condor’s “Birdie” top is a popular product for both men and women.


Brothers Robert and Will Brunner created Devereux as a tribute of sorts to their grandmother, Devereux, “who taught them that dressing well is the highest form of good manners.” The fabrics are soft, and the prints are both whimsical and yet somehow understated, suitable for both the young and young at heart. dvrxthreads.com

Stylish and versatile, Devereux is made to be worn both on and off the course.


Founded by 13-year Ralph Lauren veteran Charlie Schaefer, Greyson is named for Schaefer’s daughter. The lifestyle brand aims to create technologically innovative and fashionable pieces that look great on the course and off. greysonclothiers.com

Greyson’s Falling Feathers Polo, Montauk Trousers, Gray Flannel G Snapback and Order & Honor hats.


Ladylike style is on full display with Belyn Key’s super-sophisticated take on golf apparel, which was inspired by the need to transition seamlessly from the course to post-round cocktails and beyond. The look is classic and tailored, with fun details, like the key on the zipper. belynkey.com

Belyn Key
Belyn Key’s ladylike looks make a seamless transition from the course to cocktail hour.


Founded by former NCAA All-American and professional golfer, Travis Johnson, Matte Grey is Johnson’s second apparel endeavor (he was the man behind TravisMathew, which was purchased by Callaway in 2017). The clothes have a youthful yet refined vibe, and  — bonus! — there’s also women’s apparel, (Heather Grey) on offer too. hausofgrey.com

Matte Grey
Matte Gray’s Contra Half Zip and Patton polo.


This Vancouver, Canada-based brand has been around for a while, but I find myself telling other female golfers about Lija often enough that I think it’s still worth designating as under-the-radar. Designed primarily for golf, tennis, training, running and yoga, Lija’s colorful and feminine designs are soft, stretchy and versatile. lijastyle.com

Lija’s flattering styles are suitable for play on the course or court.


The Phil Mickelson commercial heard ’round the world really raised this company’s profile, but if you’re looking for a super-comfortable work shirt that literally goes straight from the boardroom to the course, this is it. Also available: henleys, flannels, casual shirts and sweaters. mizzenandmain.com 

Mizzen & Main
Super-stretchy button-ups that go straight from the office to the range are Mizzen & Main’s specialty.


Two words: golf dress. Beth DePass’s super-flattering performance-fabric golf dress is snug in all the right places and is available in a variety of fun prints. Also on offer from the Los Angeles-based brand: skorts, tops, jackets and pants. bethdepass.com

Beth De Pass
Beth De Pass offers a variety of flattering patterns and prints.


Prints are all the rage this season, and Waggle Golf’s iterations of the trend are sure to start a conversation. And with a reasonable price of $56, why not join in on the fun and add some color to your wardrobe? getyourwaggleon.com

Waggle Golf
Waggle Golf’s Flamingo Bay and Parrot Sunrise polos.