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For all the golfers out there stuck in quarantine, there is no better time to increase your swing speed with some speed training. It’s simple really: more clubhead speed equals more power, and with the help of SuperSpeed Golf, you can expect longer golf shots when you return to the course.

The product itself is basically a set of graphite shafts with varied weights at the tip of each stick, designed specifically to train your golf muscles for more power.

There are different sets for all types of golfers: Mens, seniors, ladies, juniors, and the company guarantees users will see an increase of up to eight miles per hour if you complete their training program. A set includes the three weighted SuperSpeed Clubs (light, medium, and heavy), and over the course of the program, you swing all three clubs in a light to heavy progression.

If you missed out on Luke, Dylan, Tim, and Zephyr’s Swing Speed Challenge earlier this year, each of them went through the speed training protocol and gained some much-needed swing speed, and we want you to do the same. So, we’ve teamed up with SuperSpeed Golf to offer GOLF readers a sweet discount so you can get started on your speed enhancement journey.

Head over to and use the code GOLFMAG to take 10% off your purchase.

Price: $199.99 ($179.99 with code GOLFMAG) / BUY NOW

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