Rehydrate with this 5x pro-invested water additive for a quicker recovery

Trust the pros. Use LivePur to rehydrate and replenish on and off the course.


In golf as in business, you’re only as good as your spokespeople. And in LivPur’s case, that’s pretty good news.

Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Zach Johnson, Nelly Korda and Jessica Korda are all among those who have invested in this product to help hydrate them faster on and off the golf course — quite an impressive group for a water additive.

LivPur Hydrate is the ultimate rapid rehydration solution designed to replenish your body with essential nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids.

L-R: Zach Johnson, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth COURTESY

Made with no artificial colors or flavors (and soy and dairy-free), LivPur has multiple delicious flavors in its powders for hydration, energy and recovery.

This yummy water additive helps you keep you and your pals hydrated while golfing, especially on the wildly hot days we’re having this summer.

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Each is available in 15, 30, 60 and 90-packs. See below to learn each of the previously mentioned pros’ favorite flavors and why they drink and invest in LivPur.

LivPur Hydrate Pro Favorite Flavors

Zach Johnson’s Favorite Flavor – Lemonade Recovery

“As the son of a chiropractor, nutrition has been a priority of mine since I can remember. And now at my age, I need an edge. LivPur is that edge day in day out. I know I am utilizing the purest amino acids, electrolytes and proteins. LivPur has become a part of my equipment as a competitor.” – Zach Johnson

Zach Johnson – LivPur Investor COURTESY

Justin Thomas’ Signature Flavor – Cool Lime Hydrate

“As an athlete, I take what I put into my body seriously. I know that any edge I can get on my opponents could be the difference between winning or losing a tournament. When I drink LivPur on the golf course, it’s the best hydration supplement for me and it means that dehydration is one less thing I have to worry about.” – Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas – LivPur Investor COURTESY

Jordan Spieth’s Favorite Flavors – Cherry Limeade Energy

“LivPur is an important part of my routine because I can rely on it to help me stay focused and know it will provide an extra boost of energy when I need it most. I trust the LivPur product and ingredients to keep me hydrated and performing at my best.” – Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth – LivPur Investor COURTESY

Nelly Korda – Lemonade Recovery

“I always drink LivPur hydration on the front nine and the back nine of the golf course, as well as in the gym. LivPur hydration is what helps me stay focused and level-headed, especially during key tournaments on the LPGA Tour and as an Olympian.” – Nelly Korda

Nelly Korda – LivPur Investor COURTESY

Jessica Korda Mango Recovery

“I need to be mentally and physically ready for four-day golf tournaments and LivPur Recovery is another great asset to have in your back pocket.” – Jessica Korda

Jessica Korda – LivPur Investor COURTESY


Dehydration can be dangerous. Depleting yourself from water and electrolytes on the golf course is a serious problem. 

That’s where LivPur Hydrate comes in. This is a single-serving stick designed for rapid hydration. Golfers can benefit from essential nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids. If you ever experience muscle cramps or lack of energy when playing a round of golf, give the LivPur Hydrate a chance. 

5x Pro Aproved & Invested

LivPur Hydrate

$29.95 – $104.80
Introducing LivPur Hydrate, the ultimate rapid rehydration solution designed to replenish your body with essential nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids.


If you think that sugar is the only way to get your energy, think again. With LivPur Energy, you will benefit from a sugar-free formula made with natural organic caffeine and amino acid L-Theanine. Golfers who are experiencing a lack of alertness or negative mood and poor memory may find that LivPur Energy is a solution to consider.

This product is rich in antioxidants to support your body. With single-serve packets available for use anywhere, you can benefit from LivPur Energy at any point during your round of golf. 

5x Pro Aproved & Invested

LivPur Energy

$29.95 – $104.80
Introducing LivPur Energy, the ultimate energy booster designed to enhance your performance and support your overall well-being.


The LivPur Recovery is also great for golfers who play a lot and feel as though they don’t have enough time to catch up on rest in between rounds. If your time on the course is limited and you always feel like you are squeezing it in, don’t forget to support your brain and body through it all. 

5x Pro Aproved & Invested

LivPur Recovery

$29.95 – $104.80
Are you ready to recover and rebuild like the pros? LivPur Recovery is the refreshing, optimal blend of nutrients designed to help you bounce back stronger than ever.
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