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Best spikeless golf shoes: The 7 most comfortable and stylish spikeless golf shoes

November 26, 2019

When it comes to finding the best golf products, every golfer needs a little guidance. Don’t sweat it, we got you covered! For our new Best of Everything series, we’ve canvassed the golf accessories, apparel and game-improvement space to identify the very best stuff for your game. Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.


Any serious golfer knows that feeling. As you’re trudging up the 18th fairway, it feels like your feet are 10 yards behind you. The heavy-duty spikes that keep you locked into the turf feel like an anchor after four hours, 85 strokes and 50 swings on the range. You long for the clubhouse where you can finally slip back into your street shoes. Ahh

This scenario isn’t necessary. While most spiked golf shoes are sturdier and often firmer by nature, the same brands offer similar shoes designed with more versatility in mind: golf kicks you can wear all day without feeling them every step of the way.

Obviously, the weight of shoes is an important consideration here, as is the amount of leather. Some shoes in this category are built to feel like you’re not wearing shoes at all, but that lightweight comfort can come at a price if the shoes can’t keep moisture from your socks. Another consideration is the tread formation. Most spikeless shoes sacrifice the hard, circular spike, so examine how the tread will work with your swing. You don’t want your feet slipping on wet turf during your swing.

Here are our picks for seven of the best spikeless golf shoes.

Best spikeless golf shoes for hilly terrain

Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid 3

The newest iteration of Ecco’s super-popular shoe will keep you grounded. The heavier base keeps your foot in constant contact with the turf throughout the swing, while the smooth tread ensures a low-profile. The Biom Hybrid feels like a normal sneaker — just one with plenty of stick. At $200, it’s one of the more expensive options you’ll find in this category, but it’s money well spent, because these kicks will take you everywhere, with stability and style.


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Best spikeless golf shoes for versatility

FootJoy Flex

The FJ Flex might not wow you at first glance, especially with its four neutral colorways, but be patient. Take this pair of shoes on a buddies’ trip, where you’re living on the course: 36-hole days, 90-hole weekends, etc., and this is likely the only pair you need. (They’re even a great option for sliding up to the bar to nurse your wounds.) The mesh upper and rubber sole are super-lightweight, and the soft treads mean you can wear the shoes anywhere.


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Best spikeless golf shoes for athletes-turned-golfers

Nike Air Max 1G

There’s something special about a little pocket of air cushioning your every step. Nike brought that ingenuity from its long history of athletic shoes to the golf world. The Air Maxes offer a lot more traction than your typical spikeless shoe, so consider it a spiked/spikelss in-betweener. Want to swing fast, not worry about slippage and still wear spikeless shoes? These are for you.


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Best spikeless golf shoes for casual cool

Puma Original G Golf

These stylish Pumas are as casual and comfortable as a golf shoe gets. The top portion is made of smooth leather that you could pair with a blazer and slacks in the clubhouse. The outsole is made up of tiny tread knobs to provide some stability (though it won’t be as sturdy as some spiked shoes). If the knobs wear away, no worries. You’ve just acquired another fashionable everyday pair to add to the shoe rack.


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Best spikeless golf shoes for runners-turned-golfers

G/Fore MG4.1

This is a running shoe that also happens to work for golf. Just look at it! The MG4.1 has all the characteristics of a trainer, with a large, supportive outsole and a fully knit upper. That design is great for the athlete-turned-golfer who loves comfy shoes and hoofing it wherever they go. They aren’t the most popular shoe on Tour, but a number of pro golfers do rock these, including Kelly Kraft and Morgan Pressel.


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Best spikeless golf shoes for low-key style

Adidas Adipure SP

This stylish shoe is similar in form to the Ecco offering above, with a sturdy base that adds weight to keep you low in profile to the ground. Within that base is a knobby outsole, which is useful for fast swingers. The more knobs the better, and this shoe’s base is loaded with them. Inserted in the lower is Adidas’ well-known Boost technology, which adds another layer of comfort for walkers.


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Best spikeless golf shoes for overall value

Nike Roshe G

Nike’s super-popular Roche line is everything that Nike Loyalists Who Play Golf could have asked for. It’s one of the lighter golf shoes on the market, and that dearth of material makes for an affordable price point. The soft nubs across the sole provide plenty of traction and what you miss in hard-spike stability is made up for in extreme foam comfort.


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