7 products you can buy right now to build an indoor golf area

During this time of social distancing and self-quarantine, us golfers need to get creative with ways to maintain our golf game while still being considerate citizens. By the time things return to normal, golf season will be in full swing after all! Luckily, while staying home, there are plenty of ways to train, learn, and practice. Below are some of the best indoor hitting nets, mats, and putting greens to transform your home into a practice area during these unprecedented times.

GALILEO Golf Net Golf Hitting Net

Set up this portable golf hitting net in your garage or basement to create your own personal driving range. Do note that you’ll need to purchase a mat as well!

Price: $79.99

PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

This putting mat is printed with markings up to 6-feet, alignment lines and pace targets to help you improve your game.

Price: $109.95

Dura-Pro Commercial Golf Mat

This mat looks like your typical range mat and comes in a few different sizes to fit your space no matter the size.

Price: $174.00

PodiuMax Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

This pop-up chipping net offers a few different targets that you can practice chipping towards in your home or backyard.

Price: $13.99

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

This putting aid is designed to simulate what it’s like to actually putt into a real hole. Set it up on a putting mat or your carpet to get some putts in while you’re stuck inside.

Price: $29.98

SteadyDoggie 10 x 7ft Golf Net Bundle

This bundle comes with a 7 x 10 foot net and a hitting mat, giving you the full setup with just one swift order.

Price: $119.95

Milliard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat

This artificial turf mat allows you to simulate shots off of a tight lie, fairway, and rough. The mat is on the smaller side, measuring 25 x 16in, but perfect for indoor shots during this time.

Price: $36.99

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