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Best golf headcovers: Make a statement with these fun, stylish headcovers

November 22, 2019

When it comes to finding the best golf products, every golfer needs a little guidance. Don’t sweat it, we got you covered! For our new Best of Everything series, we’ve canvassed the golf accessories, apparel and game-improvement space to identify the very best stuff for your game. Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.


When it comes to decking out your set of golf clubs, nothing quite sets you apart from the crowd like your headcovers. Some players prefer to stick with the off-the-rack branded look, but others see headcovers as a chance for expression, for color, for style, for a chance to make a statement. They have a basic job to do: nobody likes their clubs clinking against each other on the way down every fairway. But there’s room for so much more than that. Here’s what you should consider when you’re looking to upgrade in the custom headcover department:


Let’s start with the basics. Headcovers are meant to protect your golf clubs, so you should make sure your selection does that first and foremost. Sure, your clubs are tough — they’re built to hit golf balls at speeds well over 100 mph. But they’re also valuable, beautiful works of technology. Let’s keep ’em scratch-free as long as we can.


Again, basic stuff, but important. If you like to rip the big stick, you very well may take your driver headcover off and put it back on a dozen times over the course of 18 holes. Make sure it’s the proper size for your clubhead, so it’s snug enough to stay on but doesn’t require a frustrating tug-of-war to take off.


Shop around a little bit. This day and age, if you’ve got a vision for how your headcovers should look and feel, there’s a good chance you can find something to satisfy your craving. You spent good money on that driver — cover it up the way you want!


Just how customizable does a company allow you to get? Do you want your headcovers to commemorate a special occasion? Do you want your name on them? Your favorite sports team? Want to give them as a gift? There are plenty of ways to customize your headcovers — again, no need to settle!

What do your headcovers say about you? Think about how strongly you identify the car somebody drives with your mental image of them. Your golf buddies will see your headcovers every time they see you on the course — make sure you’re projecting the proper vibe. Headcovers can be fun, cool, sleek, stylish, eye-catching, loud, minimalist or anything in between.

Best headcovers for animal lovers

Daphne's Headcovers

Whether you know it or not, you’re already extremely familiar with the work of Daphne’s headcovers. That’s because you’ve seen one on the driver head of one Tiger Woods. Tiger’s mother bought his first tiger headcover from Daphne’s in 1983; the rest was history. Daphne’s offers fuzzy animals galore, and if you’re buying in bulk for a group or event, there are literally endless ways to customize.


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Best headcovers for a throwback vibe

Seamus Headcovers

Seamus is at the forefront of a group that celebrates the game’s history with a fresh, dynamic flair. In addition to an extensive collection of stylish tweeds, tartans, Hawaiian patterns and collegiate logos, Seamus offers the ability to customize your own pattern or add a sharp custom leather label to take these classy covers to the next level.


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Best fully-customizable leather headcovers

Golf Iconic

When it comes to creating and visualizing your own custom headcover, it’s tough to beat the tools Golf Iconic has on its website. From profile to design to colorways to material to custom image and logo, it’s tough to beat the versatility and user experience with this brand. And we’ve seen the results, too — magnificent.

$77 (Price based on selection)

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Best fully-customizable knit headcovers

Fore Ewe Headcovers

Fore Ewe Headcovers

If knit headcovers are your thing, Fore Ewe is the perfect place to start. The 100% wool yarn products are high quality and highly customizable, with plenty of options to make each cover your own. Patterns, lettering, stripes, sizes — when it comes to custom knit, Fore Ewe is tough to beat.

$50 and up

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Best headcovers for pet owners

Cuddle Clones

The pioneers at Cuddle Clones took the idea of animal headcovers to the next level with their custom offerings, which feature a super-realistic headcover modeled after a photo of your beloved pet. Enter basic information about the type of animal and then photos from several different angles (they’re very diligent) and in a matter of weeks you’ll have an extra friendly face with you at all times on the course.


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Best headcovers for leather lovers

Winston Collection

The stylish leather lovers among you will really enjoy the offerings of the Winston Collection, which offers extensive personalization for every headcover and even more custom options for orders of six or more. Add names, numbers, logos, flags — you name it, you can get it on American-made leather from a company whose sartorial sense is worth trusting.

Price based on order

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