10 rangefinders (at every price point!) we recommend for the holidays

Looking for a rangefinder this holiday season?

Happy holidays from GOLF.com, your one-stop shop when it comes to looking for gifts for the golfer in your life. (Or yourself. We won’t tell.) This year we’ve compiled the best of the best to make your shopping experience a breeze. Not only will we recommend our favorite products, we’ll tell you where to buy them. For more holiday gift ideas, visit our Best Of Everything hub, or browse GOLF’s Pro Shop.

The golf world has never boasted such a wide variety of rangefinder options. You can wear ’em on your wrist, toss ’em in your pocket, access ’em on your phone or use the classic handheld variety while gathering more information than ever.

Based on preference and price point, we’ve assembled the below list of rangefinder options. Do you want the option to calculate slope? Elevation? Temperature? Barometric pressure? We can guarantee one thing: You don’t want to be criss-crossing the fairway hunting for sprinkler heads with dubious information any more. Check ’em out below:

10 golf rangefinders you’ll love for the holidays

Golf Buddy GB LASER 1

Lower your score with the GB Laser 1 Rangefinder by GOLFBUDDY, reading distances from 5 to 880 yards and accurate to within 1 yard of distance. The three targeting modes (Standard, Scan and Pin) provides the player a variety of options when choosing the next shot.
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Callaway Tour-S Laser

The Callaway Tour-S Laser rangefinder sports a multitude of technology to provide an accurate yardage every time. Use the Slope technology for distances adjusted for elevation changes while the Laser mode scans the landscape to evaluate multiple targets. You can also flip into Prism mode to lock onto flag mounted reflectors. The rangefinder is water and fog resistant and can lock onto a pin-up to 400 yards away. 
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Izzo Swami 6000 Golf

Izzo’s Swami 6000 Golf gps gives you everything you need in the palm of your hand! Improve your round with precise distances to the front, center, and back of the green as well as distances to front and back of hazards and doglegs. Additional benefits include large color display, Auto-Course Recognition, Auto-Hole Advance, Shot Distance Measurement, and Digital Scorecard. The 6000 Golf gps is water resistant, easy to read, easy to mount to a cart frame, and offers up to 16 hours of battery life.
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$10 per month / $50 for 1 year
Recognizing not every golfer wants a point-and-shoot rangefinder, GolfLogix offers an alternative for the golfer who adores their phone. The app offers technology that would make most professional caddies jealous, starting with new three-dimensional green maps that reveal virtually every contour line on the green, elevation changes from ball to cup and how the putt will break. Every shot and distance can also be tracked during the round, along with exact distances to hazards and layup locations. Need a better idea of how the ball will react once it hits the green? The app’s approach view gives you a blueprint for how to attack each hole via a detailed contour map. Oh yeah, there’s also a digital scorecard so you don’t have to worry about keeping tabs with a pencil. (Ed. note: GolfLogix and GOLF.com are affiliates of 8AM Golf.)

Precision Pro NX2

The Precision Pro NX2 is an accurate, water resistant range finder. The NX2 is accurate up to one yard long or short, and has Target Acquisition technology to lock into your target quickly. Not only is this device very accurate, it has 6x magnification so you can see the terrain around your target, helping you place your shots even better. The NX2 has a 400 yard range in which it can pick up your requested target.
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Bushnell Tour V5 Patriot Pack Laser

Bushnell has added even more clarity and improved jolt technology to the Tour V5 Shift. The Tour V5 Shift is designed with a built-in BITE Magnetic Cart Mount and a newly designed premium carry case. Each rangefinder also sports a CR2 battery. This device offers 6x magnification and can reach targets up to 400+ yards. It is equipped with Pinseeker because of the visual JOLT Technology. The clearer and brighter optics allow you to lock into your target much easier and the distance displays much clearer. GOLF.com’s senior equipment editor Andrew Tursky mentioned these as a potential major headache-saver on the course.
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Bushnell Hybrid Laser & GPS

The Bushnell Hybrid Laser and GPS rangefinder uses the latest laser and GPS technologies to produce an accurate and fast yardage. The lasered distances to the pin are displayed and the GPS automatically provides front and back yardage readings within the LCD. You can even see GPS front, center and back yardages on the outside of the laser to help with correct club selections when golfers have cart path only or blind shots. With Dual Power Technology, you can use the laser even if the GPS is not charged. The CR2 battery powers the laser and the USB rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the GPS. It also uses PinSeeker JOLT Technology, whcih  provides short, vibrating bursts when you lock onto the flagstick.
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Garmin Approach G80

Garmin’s Approach G80 is a handheld golf radar that features an integrated launch monitor and utilizes radar technology. The tech makes it easy to track important statistics such as clubhead speed, ball speed and estimated distance. The Approach G80 also comes with 41,000 pre-loaded courses worldwide that you are able to play virtual rounds on. Connect to the Garmin Golf app to compete, compare and connect with fellow golfers. 
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Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope

Experience the crystal-clear optics and high-speed measurements of the Precision Pro NX9 HD Slope Rangefinder. It is designed with an ergonomic no-slip grip, a brighter and wider LCD display, and a new magnetic grip feature for golf cart storing. Additional features include pulse vibration to let your feel when you’ve hit your target, target acquisition for accurate measurements to the flag, and adaptive slope for elevation measurements. ** Two year warranty included
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Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Multisport Watch

The smaller-sized Fenix 6S series multisport watch is a must-add watch to your wardrobe. The Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Multisport Watch provides you with the ability to add a mapping, music, pace monitoring, and more to your round — without adding any additional bulk to your wrist. This watch is perfect for any round between the links.
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