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Best golf divot repair tools: 7 cool divot repair tools that will add some bling to your bag

November 22, 2019

When it comes to finding the best golf products, every golfer needs a little guidance. Don’t sweat it, we got you covered! For our new Best of Everything series, we’ve canvassed the golf accessories, apparel and game-improvement space to identify the very best stuff for your game. Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.


Not every essential golf item in your bag is going to transform your game and help you shoot lower scores. Some golf accessories exist to help you maintain the course, and even aid your fellow golfers. Enter golf divot tools!

The Rules of Golf allow golfers to repair divots, ball marks and spike marks, but they don’t require it. But every golf course and country club certainly does. What’s more, the most basic golf etiquette rules demand that if your approach shot leaves a golf ball-sized depression in the green, you have to repair it using a divot tool.

Most divot tools are a simple piece of technology made of two metal prongs that you insert into the ground around the mark to push up the divot and even out the green. While you still might be able to see the mark, if a divot is repaired correctly any ball that rolls over it will be unaffected.

Because they are such simple tools (with a few exceptions), choosing a divot repair tool is all about personal preference. They can be found in all shapes, colors and sizes, decked out in your favorite sports team’s colors or bedazzled with jewels. Some have retractable prongs, while others include a ball marker that attaches to the tool.

There are endless options, but we narrowed down the choices to a manageable number to help you find the perfect divot repair tool to accompany you on your next round.

Best divot tool for overall performance

PitchFix Fusion 2.5 Pin

PitchFix Fusion 2.5 Pin divot repair tool

If simple two-prong divot repair tools don’t cut it for you, then the PitchFix Fusion 2.5 Pin might appeal to you. Unlike most divot tool manufacturers, Pitchfix wasn’t content with the classic design. Instead, they decided to innovate new divot repair technology to cause less damage to greens. The Fusion 2.5 consists of three prongs, two of which have spade-like ends. Unlike with a normal divot tool where you insert the prongs around the ball mark and push up and in, with the Fusion 2.5 you simply insert the prongs into the center of the mark once and remove it. The spade-ends grip the turf on their way out, pulling up the grass and leaving an even surface while causing less damage to the root system. The Fusion 2.5 also features retractable prongs and can be customized with an attachable ball mark of your choice.


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Best divot tool for golfers with a favorite team

Team Golf sports team divot tools

Team Golf sports team divot tools

Sure, you love golf, but chances are you’re a fan other sports, too (let’s not get into whether or not golf is a sport). Sometimes you want to flash your fandom on the course, and thanks to Team Golf, you can represent your squad with your divot repair tool. Team Golf offers custom divot repair tools for any NFL, NHL or MLB team. The standard two-prong tools include the league logo above the prongs, along with a detachable ball mark featuring the logo of your favorite franchise. For a little more money, you can upgrade to a switchblade-style tool with retractable prongs and multiple team-oriented ball marker options.


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Best divot tool for techies

Insta Golf Spider divot tool

Insta Golf Spider divot tool

Like the Pitchfix Fusion 2.5, the Insta Golf Spider divot tool is packed with technology. The Spider is contained in a flashy milled aluminum case and features four thin, wavy metal prongs. To use it, you simply insert the prongs around the ball mark, twist and lift the prongs out of the ground. It purports to be better for the greens than a standard two-prong model, but the futuristic design is a big selling point, assuming you’re comfortable with its larger size and heavier weight.


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Best divot tool for outdoor enthusiasts

Birdie Hunter Camouflage

Birdie Hunter Camouflage golf divot repair tool

Golf is stuck with an outdated reputation of being a refuge for the stuffy, aristocratic classes. But anyone who cares about the game knows that isn’t true, and all types of people enjoy the game. The Birdie Hunter Camouflage Golf Divot Repair tool is perfect for golfers out there who prefer to wear camo over polos. The Birdie Hunter is decked out in an attractive Mossy Oak camouflage design, with two switchblade-style retractable prongs. The handle and general vibe of this tool evoke a quality hunting knife and includes a hunters-orange magnetic ball marker featuring a rifle scope zeroing in on a flagstick.


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Best divot tool for multitaskers

Birdicorn 7-in-1

Birdicorn 6-in-1 golf divot repair tool

The Birdicorn 6-in-1 Golf Divot Tool does a whole lot more than its diminutive size suggests. Despite its small, lightweight design, the Birdicorn can perform six different functions for you on the course. In addition to a two-prong divot tool, it also acts as a ball-marker holder, bottle opener, groove cleaner, alignment aid, even a stencil to mark your golf ball with. While the Birdicorn’s actual divot-repairing technology is as basic as it gets, no other tool can do as much for you, all while taking up minimal space in your pocket.


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Best divot tool for splurgers

Claret Dreamer custom divot tools

Claret Dreamer custom divot repair tools

If functionality isn’t as important to you and instead you want to make a stylish statement, consider a custom wood repair tool from Claret Dreamer. The one-of-a-kind tools are handcrafted from hickory and are made-to-order. You can get a tool carved into whatever you like (provided the designer can pull it off). Typically, Claret Dreamer divot tools only have one wooden prong, so they won’t perform as well as some higher-tech models. But if you don’t mind paying a little more, one of these custom tools can add a touch of class to your game and, at the very least, provide you with something to talk about with your playing partner. You can find them for sale around the internet, but for a Claret Dreamer tool of your own, email their designer, Tim Alpaugh, at claretdreamer@gmail.com.


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Best divot tool for value

Mile High Life Foldable

Mile High Life Foldable golf divot repair tool

What better choice for the “Best Value” tool is there other than one sharing a name with one of the best-valued beers? The Mile High Life Foldable divot tool is the best-selling golf divot repair tool on Amazon, and for good reason. The simple design includes two prongs that retract in the switchblade style, a magnetic ball marker (that can be customized) and a grippy handle that comes in several different colors, all for under 8 bucks.


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