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Fortify your setup for more consistency

January 16, 2018

Your inability to follow up one good shot with another is driving you nuts. Your swing feels solid, but the results say otherwise. If such inconsistency is crippling your game, your setup may be to blame. A consistent swing starts with a consistent setup, and vice versa. Here are two simple checks to make sure you nail your setup every time.

First, assume your normal setup and check to see that the butt end of the grip is pointing directly at your zipper (see illustration below). This will signify that you have the correct amount of forward bend, or spine tilt, toward the ground. If it points to your stomach, you’re standing too tall; if it’s aimed at your inseam, you’re bent over too much.

Next, check to see that you’re standing the correct distance from the ball. If you are, you’ll be able to fit an open hand between the butt of the club and your thighs — no more or no less (see illsutration below). Get your forward bend and distance from the ball correct and you’ll start seeing more consistent results.