Dormie Workshop can transform your old baseball glove into a work of headcover art

Dormie Workshop's designer deconstructs baseball gloves and turns them into one-of-a-kind headcovers.

There’s a lot of overlap between baseball and golf, from the mechanics of swinging a baseball bat and a golf club to the hours players invest in a single game or round.

But at Dormie Workshop, there’s a different kind of overlap happening between the two sports. It comes in the form of incredible hand-stitched headcovers made out of your old baseball mitt.

The idea behind these creations came from a former Dodger who reached out to Dormie to see if they could make him a headcover out of his old gloves. When the request first came in, Todd Bishop, co-founder of Dormie, wasn’t sure what the outcome of this project would be. So he and his design team gave it their best shot and the result was, pardon the pun, a grand slam.

“When I first saw [the glove] laying down I didn’t know how it was going to turn out because it was a bit of a Frankenstein,” Bishop said. “But it was a home run.”

Dormie can make headcovers out of any kind of baseball mitt.
Dormie can make headcovers out of any kind of baseball mitt.
Dormie Workshop

When Bishop posted the first set of baseball glove headcovers on the company’s Instagram account, he knew they had a hit on their hands.

“We got about 400 followers in 48 hours,” Bishop said. “To put that in perspective, if we get 400 followers from running a contest over two weeks, that’s considered a hit.”

And then the requests for these one-of-a-kind headcovers came pouring in. Everyone from professional athletes and teams to your average golfer wanted to know how to get their hands on these works of art.

You can find a custom set in former New York Yankee Nick Swisher’s bag. Other famous athletes carrying custom Dormie works include Wayne Gretzky and 30 other NHL players. Even the Atlanta Braves are working with Dormie on a yet-to-be-revealed project.

Dormie can usually make two to three headcovers from one baseball glove.
Dormie Workshop

Getting a custom baseball glove headcover made is fairly simple. All a customer has to do is reach out to Dormie’s custom headcover designer, Matt Stewart, via email. From there, you send your baseball mitts to Bishop and his team, and they come back with design plans. It’s a collaborative process, so if there’s a particular feature on your baseball mitt that you want to include on the headcover, these guys will find a way to make it happen.

Once the design is customer-approved, it all comes down to trusting the process — a hard thing for golfers to do when they like to control as many variables as possible.

Because it takes upward of four hours to make a single headcover, these babies don’t come cheap. The going rate is about $400 per headcover.  Stewart can usually make two to three headcovers from one baseball mitt, depending on its size and condition.

But for golfers who get it, and cross-sport athletes who want to immortalize their careers, the cost comes as no surprise.

“When you’re standing on the tee box, now you have a really good story,” Bishop said. “And life is all about collecting stories.”

And truly, isn’t that the game’s greatest purpose? Spending time with friends, swapping stories, and writing new ones?

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