Here are the 7 best putting mats for at-home practice

Stuck at home, but looking to improve your putting stroke? You’re not alone! We’ve been scouting the options. Check out the below list of the top putting mats you can buy today.

Putt Out mat

Combine Putt Out’s mat and pressure putt trainer to create a sweet at-home practice set up that allows you to work on both alignment and distance control. The mat rolls up into a small bag, so it won’t take up too much room, either.

Price: $67.49 (regularly $89.99) / BUY NOW

Perfect Practice Putting Mat

This classy-looking mat has lines and markings to help with both distance and alignment, plus it auto-returns the golf ball to you when you make a putt. The right cup is smaller than the left cup to provide variety with your accuracy, too.

$169.99 / BUY NOW

WellPutt Mat Start

WellPutt’s starter mat is perfect for those trying to improve speed control. The mat has marked out zones for both good and bad putts, so it’s easy to see your progress.

Price: $79.99 / BUY NOW

Birdieball Customizable Putting Mat

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, consider getting a custom mat to fit your space. With Birdieball, you can choose the number of cups and their location, green speed, mat length and mat width. You can even get a logo printed on the green or customizable flagsticks.

Price: $75.00+ / BUY NOW

ProActive Sports VariSpeed Putting System

You can change the speed of this mat simply by brushing it one way or the other. It also comes with wedges that can be placed under the mat to add break.

Price: $99.00 / BUY NOW

WellPutt Premium Pro Putting Mat

If you want something a little bigger, check out WellPutt’s 13-foot premium pro putting mat. It has six different targets and alignment markings throughout the mat.

Price: $169.00 / BUY NOW


I included this mat for an emphasis on fun, because it’s a great way to get both golfers and non-golfers putting, and stay entertained if you’re stuck at home!

Price: $159.95 (regularly $189.95) / BUY NOW

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