Father’s Day deal: True Spec Golf gift cards offer 10% bonus cash

With Father's Day on June 16th, we suggest gifting dad a True Spec gift card, which saves him 10 percent off his next purchase

Gift dad 10% off his next True Spec purchase this Father's Day and instantly become his favorite kid.

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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, meaning it’s that time of year again: gifting your dad something special.

But instead of buying him something that will just gather dust in the closet or garage, why not making lock up “son/daughter of the year” honors by giving him something he’ll actually use?

Like, say, a True Spec Gift Card, which gives dad 10 percent bonus cash on his next fitting or equipment purchase from True Spec.

Whether your father is on the hunt for a full set of clubs that fit his swing to perfection (thanks to the help of True Specs master club-fitters), or he just wants to spruce up his bag with a new driver or putter, theres not better way to get him what he wants.

True Spec digital gift card


$50 – $10,000 (optional)
Get 10 percent bonus cash on True Spec gift cards. Offer ends Sunday, June 16th (Bonus cash earned before June 16th will not expire). Gift cards are redeemable at all U.S. True Spec fitting locations and can be applied to fitting fees and equipment purchases.

The benefits of club-fitting

As someone who got fit for clubs at True Spec last year, I know firsthand how beneficial the experience was.

While it can be a bit intimidating at first — mainly because it’s so comprehensive and full of data points that True Spec’s expert club fitters understand — you walk out knowing you got the right equipment for your game.

For instance, I never knew how deep club-fitting went until I went through the process with True Spec, with my fitter personalizing each swing, ensuring my equipment matched my game. So when I tried one driver and just couldn’t get the feel for it, my fitter knew it was time to try a different head and/or shaft to improve my shot results. That was pretty cool.

Over the course of 3+ hours, I was fitted for every club in my bag, testing different clubhead and shaft options, as well as choosing a preferred grip. Heck, True Spec fitters even asked which type of ball I tend to use, which really made sure the experience mimics my on-course performance as much as possible.

With loads of data points and information, True Spec fitters then analyze your swing and ball contact, making suggestions based off of your goals.

By communicating with the master fitters about what feels best, you leave with an unmatched peace of mind, knowing that you’re soon-to-come clubs are made for you.

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How the True Spec gift card works

When you buy a True Spec Gift Card, 10 percent of the total amount you purchased is automatically loaded onto the digital card. So once your dad schedules his trip to any U.S.-based True Spec location and completes his fitting, he can then apply the discount to his fitting fee and/or club purchase.

With more than 50,000 different clubhead and shaft combinations, your pop’s sure to get clubs that are unique to him — and will help lower his scores in no time.

By securing your gift card and 10 percent bonus cash before June 16 (Father’s Day), your extra cash will not expire, so your father isn’t in any rush to redeem the bonus cash.

*Gift cards are redeemable at all U.S. True Spec fitting locations and can be applied to fitting fees and equipment purchases. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive your digital gift card via email. Not redeemable online. All gift card purchases are final.*

Nick Dimengo

Golf.com Editor

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