New Titleist TS1 delivers big technology in a svelte package

Titleist has rounded out its flagship TS driver family with a lightweight model engineered for moderate swing speed players. The TS1 driver ($499) weighs in at a svelte 275g, approximately 45g lighter than the standard TS2, yet it’s loaded with the same great tech built into its heavier siblings, including an ultra-thin titanium crown, a titanium Radial VFT (variable thickness) clubface and improved aerodynamics to enhance swing speed. The head weight is adjustable from -4g all the way to +6g, while Titleist’s SureFit hosel allows for 16 independent loft and lie settings.

According to Josh Talge, VP of Marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs, the TS1 not only helps moderate swingers by promoting faster speed and higher launch, but also by producing spin rates that are approximately 200 rpm higher than the TS2. “The TS1 is ultimately for anyone who wants to maximize swing speed and distance, but specifically for those whose average driver distance is in the 220-yard range or less.”

Three Keys to the Titleist TS1

TI CAST CROWN: At just 0.4 mm thick, it saves weight and improves aerodynamics for faster swing speeds
and longer shots.

A view of the Titleist Ts1 driver's crown.
A view of the Titleist Ts1 driver's crown.
Jamie Chung

VFT FACE: A lighter Radial VFT (variable thickness) face yields faster ball speeds across the entire hitting area.

A view of the face on the TS1 driver.
Jamie Chung

LIGHTWEIGHT HEAD: A strategic thinning of specific areas of the club produces massive weight savings and a lighter overall configuration.

The sole of the Titleist TS1 driver.
Jamie Chung

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