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The Cobra driver Bryson DeChambeau used to touch 203 mph ball speed

April 10, 2020

Even with professional golf on hold, Bryson DeChambeau and his equipment sponsor Cobra Golf managed to make headlines from the comfortable confines of the five-time PGA Tour winner’s backyard. Partnering together for the “Speed Zone” challenge, DeChambeau attempted to pull off any shot viewers on his Twitch stream requested — including his best John Daly impression — all in the name of raising money for charity.

At one point during the event, DeChambeau chose to ramp up the speed with his driver, eventually touching 203 mph of ball speed — a number that’s only found at the World Long Drive Championship. To put DeChambeau’s 203 into perspective: Cameron Champ led the Tour with a peak ball speed of 198.91 mph in 2019.

DeChambeau’s training regimen has played a massive role in his rapid speed and distance gains, but his Cobra technology deserves some credit as well, particularly the 5.5-degree Cobra Speedzone driver he used to pull off the insane shot.

Cobra’s latest driver creation comes in two different models: the standard King Speedzone (DeChambeau’s driver) and an Xtreme version. During the latest edition of GOLF’s Fully Equipped podcast, Cobra’s vice president of R&D, Tom Olsavsky, detailed the process for creating the King Speedzone metalwoods, as well as what it’s like to work with DeChambeau.

As you’d expect, designing a driver that’s playable for the average golfer and a tour pro who can touch 203 mph of ball speed isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight.

One of the biggest challenges was finding a way to expand the CNC milled face beyond the original boundaries and into the crown and sole — a project Olsavsky admitted took time to fine-tune.

“These projects are really challenging,” Olsavsky said on the podcast. “They take a long time, so you’re very pleased when you’re able to figure them out and get them done. [Speedzone] is off to a great start; the feedback we’ve received has been excellent.”

If a shorter driver works for Rickie Fowler, chances are it could benefit your game as well.
If a shorter driver works for Rickie Fowler, chances are it could benefit your game as well.
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The latest version offers 95 percent more face milling and now wraps into the toe and heel section of the head. The benefit of removing unwanted titanium is twofold — increasing discretionary weight and enlarging the sweet spot for faster ball speeds.

Cobra’s King Speedzone is currently used by Rickie Fowler and DeChambeau, both of whom opt for the standard head, which features a 460cc pear-shaped profile and wider range of adjustable options, including two weight ports in the sole that alter launch and spin properties depending on where the 14-gram (red) and 2-gram (black) weights are positioned. When the heavier 14-gram weight is in the forward position, launch and spin are reduced; launch and spin increase when the heavier weight is locked in the back port.

The 458cc Speedzone Xtreme version is slightly longer front to back and only features one weight positioned in the back of the head — giving it a higher moment of inertia for the golfer who’s looking for ball speed and reduced workability.

A “Tour Length” (44.5 inches) offering is also available that’s inspired by Rickie Fowler’s 43.50-inch driver, and should deliver a tighter dispersion without sacrificing significant yards in the distance department.

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