Costco Kirkland Signature driver hits USGA conforming club list. Are store shelves next?

Kirkland signature driver from costco

The all-new Costco Kirkland Signature driver.


After Costco found success in the golf space with products like Kirkland Signature golf balls (now available in yellow), three-piece wedge sets, gloves and even a putter, it appears that after much speculation the warehouse-club retailer is ready to officially unveil a Kirkland Signature driver.

The Kirkland driver’s Monday debut on the USGA and R&A’s conforming club list isn’t a guarantee that it will end up at retail, but it is an indication that it’s likely to soon make its way onto store shelves.

Major OEMs typically ensure prototypes that have a chance of ending up on the PGA or LPGA tours are approved for play in case a player takes a liking to it, but given Costco has no intention of this driver ending up in the hands of tour professionals, the club could be in stores sooner rather than later.

The Kirkland Signature driver back story

After the success of the Kirkland Signature wedges followed by the KS putter, the internet has been full of rumors about what golf clubs might be coming next from Costco and when they would arrive.

As early as Jan. 1, 2023, Kirkland irons were spotted on the conforming list, but shortly after disappeared and there were no further updates. Gen 2 wedges also have appeared on the list, meaning Costco went as far as to produce prototypes of irons and wedges and have them tested but not make them available at retail.

Kirkland wedges costco
The Kirkland Signature wedges. Costco

Then, in August, images leaked from a Costco manager’s sales meeting, including slides depicting yellow Kirkland Signature golf balls, irons and a driver arriving in stores with an ETA of Nov. 1.

The balls have since become available, and the driver (priced at $199 on the presentation slide) is now on the conforming list. The clock is officially ticking.

What we know about the Kirkland Signature driver

Kirkland signature driver costco
The Kirkland Signature driver looks like it will come only in one loft. USGA/R&A

At the moment, there isn’t much to glean from a technology standpoint beyond the fact that the driver will be available in 10.5 degrees and, based on the sample submitted sample to the USGA, will come only in a right-handed model.

We do know the Kirkland Signature driver will follow the industry trend by making the club’s loft adjustable, and if I were a betting man, I would say that it will offer 1.5 degrees of loft in either direction allowing it to go up as far as 12 degrees and as low as 9 degree — but I’m only speculating. If the sales presentation was accurate, we can also assume the club will cost about $200.

We will have to wait and see what shaft and flex options will be available, and what manufacturer might be producing them. My sense is we’re not going to have to wait much longer to find out.

Ryan Barath Editor

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