Get a bigger grip on your putter and your stroke will thank you

Tour players and weekend warriors alike are swapping out standard putter grips for larger-diameter aftermarket models. No doubt you’re wondering what the fuss is about. The skinny is that large putter grips effectively limit the movement of the small muscles in your hands and wrists during your motion, making your stroke more consistent and rhythmic.

Some models can also counterbalance the putter (another trend) through the use of customizable weights. Tempted? Start with the buffet-sized handles below — then feast on the greens.

Flat Cat Solution grip


You probably first saw the Flat Cat Solution in the hands of Justin Rose. Now it’s showing up in the mitts of golfers at all levels. The key to the Solution’s performance is a patented stainless-steel weighted cone positioned just below where you place your hands on the handle.

This makes the putterhead feel heavier than other counter-weighted designs, the majority of which feature extra weight at the very top of the grip. The Solution’s signature flat shape further contributes to improved tempo and consistency by connecting the movement of the putterface to the palm of your hand. Available in Svelte (1.23″ diameter), Standard (1.37″), Fat (1.50″), and Big Boy (1.68″) sizes.

The Flat Cat Solution putter grip.

Golf Pride Tour SNSR grip


Available in both straight and contour (pistol) models, the TOUR SNSR is designed with a soft rubber formulation that provides the enhanced feedback for which Golf Pride grips are known. The design also accommodates a softer grip pressure, further enhancing feel. The combination — along with a larger profile — is aimed at players who want to improve their distance control and gain extra feedback while also relaxing their hands during the stroke. If you’re a traditionalist looking for an oversized model but would rather not go down the polyurethane route, give the Tour SNSR (choose between 104cc and 140cc) an audition.

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR putter grip.

SuperStroke Countercore Pistol GT grip


Leading the way in Tour presence with players like Sergio Garcia and Jordan Spieth, among others, SuperStroke could definitely be considered the big boy of alternative putter grips. The latest model is the Pistol GT, which is available in 1.00″, 1.10″, and 1.20″ diameters and is designed in a traditional pistol shape, with no taper. An adjustable weighting system called CounterCore allows players to counterbalance the grip to reduce face-angle rotation during the stroke, while a tacky polyurethane outer layer provides the customary SuperStroke feel. A 50g weight that works with the CounterCore system comes standard with the Pistol GT, but 25g and 75g weights are also available.

The SuperStroke Countercore Pistol GT putter grip.

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