Best golf GPS apps of 2023: 6 apps to help you find the green

Smiling golfer talking on his mobile phone on the course standing next to his bag with golf clubs.

GPS apps are a great way to find your number to the green.

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Long gone are the days of hoping the course you booked your tee time at has 150-yard makers to pace off your yardages to the green. Today, our phones can give us all the information we need to hit the correct shot.

Whether it be helping you get yardage to the green, penalty area or bunker, these apps make the process easier and quicker than ever. Some can even send the information right to your watch.

Scroll down for the full list of must-have golf GPS apps for 2023. (GolfLogix is an affiliate of

Best golf GPS apps of 2023: 6 apps to help you find the green


GolfLogix is the pioneer of Golf GPS and for the past 22 years over 5 million golfers all around the world continually trust its groundbreaking technology to guide them on the course.


Not only can you post your score to your USGA handicap, but the GHIN app also now has GPS features and course maps. You can even track all of your stats and get putt break maps.

Bushnell Golf

The rangefinder and optics company also caters to the GPS side of the market and its app is free to download. With it, your smartphone can acess yardages and 3D maps for over 38,000 courses worldwide.

Arccos Caddie

Arccos Caddie allows you to utilize Arccos Golf’s sensors to track all kinds of stats from driving distance, to greens in regulation or Strokes Gained: Putting.

Hole 19

This one is a fan favorite for Apple Watch users as Hole 19 can send yardage data straight to your wrist without your phone leaving your bag. Hole 19 has over 42,000 courses mapped.


GolfShot is another good option for Apple Watch users and even allows for shot tracking, without any input. It also features Golfscape AR, allowing the user to use their phone’s camera and place yardages on different points.
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