This $99 wedge from Adams Golf outperforms its price tag

Adams new Idea lob wedge

Ryan Barath

Just last week Adams Golf announced it had relaunched with a new line of clubs from driver to putters. The new Adams Golf is focused on helping golfers looking to maximize fun on the course while also offering an affordable alternative to traditional equipment brands by going direct to consumers.

Adams Golf is offering a full line of clubs. Adams Golf

But the great thing about golf clubs is that even though they might be designed for a specific type of player, that doesn’t mean other classes of golfers can’t benefit from its technology and design characteristics. Case and point: the sand and lob wedges from the new Idea line from Adams Golf.

Adams Idea sand wedge Adams Golf

The Idea wedge is made to control trajectory thanks to a pronounced undercut in the bottom of the head where a lot of mass would traditionally be positioned. The mass saved from this area is moved around the head toward the slightly raised toe section to move the center of gravity and help lower the launch while also boosting spin.

Adams Idea wedge from address position Adams Golf

Let’s not pretend that this is something completely new, because it’s not — this is a feature found in a number of other wedges on the market, including the TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3, but that offering doesn’t come with a $100 price tag like the Adams.

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TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 wedge

TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Custom Wedge

The added weight pad in the toe area helps move the center of gravity closer to the middle of the face to optimize launch and spin while providing premium feel.
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Notably, the Hi-Toe 3 has more options when it comes to loft and bounce combinations while the Adams comes in only two loft options — 54 and 58 degrees — and no additional finishes. But what the Adams Idea wedge lacks in customibilzation, it makes up for in versatility thanks to its C-grind sole with heel and toe relief equipped to handle all kinds of conditions and shots around the green.

Plus we need to talk about performance!

How the Adams Idea wedge stacks up

Spin generation is a huge factor in being able to stop the ball quickly, and generating spin on less-than-full-swing shots can greatly help with proximity to the hole.

Foresight GC-Quad numbers from the Adams Idea lob wedge. Ryan Barath

In the case of the Adams Idea lob wedge, which we tested in its stock configuration, it produced impressive spin numbers for a 70-yard shot that got close to 10,000 rpm. It also launched at roughly half the stated loft of the wedge, meaning the higher center of gravity was helping to produce a low-flying, high spinning shot.

These types of shots help the best players in the world stop the ball closer to the hole, and with the added forgiveness of the cavity back, you might find yourself hitting shots that impress your playing partners, too.

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