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  • GOLF Top 100 World Rank (2023-24)

  • Year

  • Architect

    Henry Fownes
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Course Overview

No course thrives more on looking mean. Indeed, the beauty of Oakmont is how it doesn’t doll itself up, and yet to a purist the view from the crest of the hill on 15 is as breathtaking as any in the country. The barren landscape possesses few trees and no water, just drainage ditches that traverse the land. Daunting carries aren’t the issue either and the greens are huge, so what’s the big deal? The question is answered at the 1st, with a green that follows the natural contours and slopes away from the player. The club prides itself on the pace and firmness of its world-renowned putting surfaces, so let the beating commence! For a course known for its difficulty, what gets lost in the shuffle is the brilliance of its quartet of short par-4s at 2, 11, 14 and 17. (Photo: Gary Lisbon)

3 things to know

  • Hole everyone talks about

    No. 14, par-4, 315 yards: The green is reachable for some players but requires an uphill carry over a half-dozen bunkers, including “Big Mouth,” a cavernous pit that swallows balls alive.
  • Best non-golf amenity

    The cozy Swat Room — a club inside the club, just off the men’s locker room — where results of interclub matches have been scribbled into ledger books for generations.
  • Insider tip

    Bring a good sand wedge. There’s no water at Oakmont, but there are so…many…bunkers: more than 200 in all.