Silvies Valley Ranch (Craddock/Hankins)

silvies valley ranch
40000 East Cowboy Lane, Seneca, OR, 97873, USA
(541) 573-5150
Dan Hixson, 2017

Golfers won’t trek all the way to eastern Oregon for just any old course, which is why Silvies Valley Ranch ownership agreed to architect Dan Hixson’s novel idea for a reversible layout. One day, it’s the Craddock course, the next day it’s the Hankins. Here’s the math: 36 holes, 27 greens and 16 spacious fairways. Serious elevation changes will have you frequently reaching for your rangefinder; you’ll also need to allow for the altitude: the high desert landscape is almost 5,000 feet above sea level. The 18th on the Hankins drops 100 feet from tee to fairway, with mounding that helps provide a bit more roll. Max fee: $160 (Photo: Brian Oar)

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