Forest Dunes (Loop: Red/Black)

forest dunes - the loop
6376 Forest Dunes Drive, Roscommon, MI, 48653, USA
Tom Doak, 2016

This reversible course was the brainchild of Tom Doak, who had always wanted to build such a course if a suitable opportunity presented itself. The natural landforms here are sufficiently muted so that greens could be approached in both directions with an emphasis squarely on the ground game. Doak has long deplored unnecessary framing and mounding around greens, so going without was no chore. Whatever you do, stay overnight so you can experience the holes in the opposite direction the next day. Whether the clockwise or counterclockwise routing is better is up for debate as both are laced with memorable holes. Max fee: $165, resort guests; $185, non-resort guests (Photo: Brian Oar)

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