Ping G430 drivers: Full reviews, robotic testing info and more 

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Exceptional Stability
The average carry distance loss across all three models is 9.3 yards — the smallest delta produced by any manufacturer who went through our robotic testing process.
Increased Ball Speed
Ball speed retention is huge for Ping and so is pure ball speed. Ping is going after some of the biggest names in the equipment industry with a driver that can go toe-to-toe in a distance battle.
Great Forgiveness
Consistent carry numbers tend to mean tight dispersion numbers. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise to see the G430 Max and G430 SFT near the top of the driver heap in overall dispersion.

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Launch Bias Spin Price
Mid Neutral Mid $599,99
Low Neutral Mid $549.99
High Draw High $549.99
Mid Neutral Low $579.99

Club Comparison

Select the club models you want to compare with the tabs below.
Ping G430 Max 10K
Ping G430 Max (2023)
Ping G430 SFT (2023)
Ping G430 LST (2023)
Player Type
The G430 Max 10K is designed for all types of golfers, but especially those looking for loads of forgiveness.
With the G430 Max 10K, Ping has created its most forgiving driver ever.
Player Type
The G430 Max is suitable for the widest range of golfers in the line.
The G430 Max is the most forgiving model in the lineup.
Player Type
A tremendous option for golfers who consistently slice the ball.
The G430 SFT model offers lots of help to golfers looking for a draw-biased driver.
Player Type
The G430 LST is designed for better players looking to maximize workability.
The LST features the least amount of forgiveness in the G430 line.

Ping G430 Drivers

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As we’ve come to expect from Ping, all four drivers (G430 LST, G430 SFT, G430 Max and G430 MAX 10K) are plenty forgiving and boast a heaping helping of stability.

But there’s more to G430 than pure stability. Ping engineers cranked up the speed with the help of a shallower and thinner VFT forged face designed with the same Spinsistency technology the equipment manufacturer first debuted in its fairway woods and hybrids.

Ping’s G430 Max 10K driver shined in 3 areas during robot testing
By: Jonathan Wall

The complexly curved clubface features a modified roll profile with less loft on the lower portion to normalize spin and increase ball speed.

The face design has been a revelation for Tour pros. Ball speed increases of 2-3 mph have been the norm when compared to G425, and GOLF saw similar numbers during its yearly robotic testing. What makes the increases more impressive is the fact Ping somehow managed to gain speed without sacrificing mishit protection.

With the new G430 Max 10K, Ping is bringing together several key technologies and design features from the G430 family into one to create their most forgiving driver ever.

The dimensions of the driver (front to back and side to side) have been pushed to the USGA limit to boost the MOI. From there, the challenge becomes making a driver with such a large footprint appealing to the eyes. With the help of subtle geometry changes, Ping was able to make the G430 MAX 10k easy to look at — and perhaps more importantly, to align.

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