Here’s why you should ship your clubs ahead of time rather than check them on an airplane

July 1, 2019

Summer travel is in full bloom, and that means golf clubs the world over are being dragged out of garages and transported to exciting locales for memorable rounds. But one dilemma haunts everyone who plays destination golf: do you haul your clubs on the plane, or ship them ahead of time?

Some players no doubt find comfort from scooping up their clubs at baggage claim, but here’s something to ponder when you next decide how to deliver those clubs: if your sticks don’t actually arrive on time with you, will your trip be wrecked? If the answer is yes, it says here those babies should be shipped out in advance, either by FedEx or UPS or a golf-club shipping specialist like Ship Sticks, Luggage Forward or Lugless. All are great options, but for the purposes of this tutorial, here are five perks to packing with the leader in the space, Ship Sticks.

 It’s a simple process

Just hop on the company’s website, create an account, plug in your pickup and delivery times, print a shipping label and you’re essentially done. You can either drop off your bag or have it scooped up by a local Ship Sticks provider — FedEx for an air delivery or possibly UPS for ground.

Ship Sticks is a pretty seamless way to get your clubs from your home to the course.
Ship Sticks is a pretty seamless way to get your clubs from your home to the course.
Ship Sticks

No more hauling the bag around

Let’s be honest: flying with your clubs can be a drag in the literal sense. You drag them out of your home to the airport, then off the belt at baggage claim, then into a rental car and finally off to the course. If you opt to ship your clubs in advance, they’re picked up at your door. The next time you see them, they’ll be waiting outside the pro shop.

You’re in good hands

You can track your bag all the way to its destination, and perhaps best of all, Ship Sticks insures your golf clubs for $1,000 in damages at no extra cost. (For those who have checked clubs at an airport gate, you may recall signing a form that releases the airline from responsibility for lost or damaged clubs. This is the exact opposite of insurance.) For a few extra bucks, you can bump up your insurance in increments of $500, but the rates are reasonable. $7,500 of insurance only costs $15.99.

The cost is roughly the same — and possibly cheaper

Next-day delivery for Ship Sticks can be completed for $109.99; two-day delivery starts around $79.99; three-day delivery goes for $59.99, and ground shipping runs $39.99. Unless you have elite status with your airline and can check bags for free, flying with your clubs will likely run anywhere from $50 to $150.

The ride home just feels so much easier

Maybe the best part of the Ship Sticks experience is leaving your clubs at the course when your round is over. No jamming them back into the rental car. No schlepping them back to the airport. No more baggage fees. Your clubs will be picked up at the pro shop and sent straight to you.

Sounds like a good deal.

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