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This nightmare photo will make you rethink flying with your golf clubs

March 28, 2019

Ever consider shipping your golf clubs? You might after reading this. One unfortunate traveler arrived back in Ireland after some time in the U.S. only to discover that his precious golf clubs had been wrecked during his flight. It’s a familiar story, of course — golfers cross their fingers every time they part with their clubs at the ticket counter. But this was another level altogether. Let’s explore.

The photos suggest not just a lack of care but an active abuse of the clubs in question. Click through the below photos. The shafts are snapped all over the place: near the handle, near the clubhead, at the hosel. Others are bent. The faces and heads are chipped and cracked. Even the stick that is supposed to protect these exact things from happening got snapped in half! It’s common to worry about your clubs themselves; it’s rarer to hear about a broken travel bag.

The Twitter user, @ConciergeGolfIE, threw out an unsettling hypothetical. How much would it cost to replace these? He listed the damages:

-One Cobra head and Veylix shaft

-One 3-wood Veylix shaft

-One hybrid shaft

-One broom handle putter

-One sand wedge steel shaft

-One strong arm

-One travel bag

He wasn’t thrilled with Delta, who responded on cue in the comments below.

We won’t be holding our breath for a full admission of responsibility from any large airline corporations. But here’s hoping for better luck in the future for this gentleman and whatever golf clubs he gets next.