Masters holes: Augusta National’s par-5 13th hole, explained by Bubba Watson

In the 65 years since the Masters Tournament was first televised, golf fans have seen every inch of Augusta National’s beauty in high-def close-up. What you’ve never seen is the course — hole by hole, tee box by tee box — through the eyes of 18 living Masters champions, from Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, Dustin Johnson, Ben Crenshaw and beyond. Until now. Eighteen holes, 18 winners, 18 ways of seeing Augusta National anew.

Hole No. 13: Par-5 / 510 yards (Azalea)

By Bubba Watson (2012, 2014 Masters champion)

The 13th of Augusta National.

What you see off the tee: “Thirteen is one of those holes that I’d say 85 percent of the field can get home in two, so eagle is immediately on your mind. When I stand on the tee, I see the shape of the fairway, which creates the shape of the shot. For me, being left-handed, that’s a cut. That’s what I envision: how I’m going to get the ball around the corner so I can reach the green in two.”

What you don’t know until you’ve played it: “It’s true for all of Augusta National — the slope in the fairway. [On my approach] I have to aim at the creek on the right side of the green, which makes the shot even tougher because of the what-if factor: What if it doesn’t cut?”

Where you will make the biggest mistake: “Missing left. You’ve got water and a hazard. It’s a double-edged sword because if you don’t cut it, it goes up into the trees on the right. And if you overcut it, it’s a penalty.”

Why it’s unforgettable to me: “In 2014, I hit my tee shot over the trees. It left me with a sand wedge into the green. I’ll always remember going driver, sand wedge and making birdie. When you combine the beauty and history, I’d say it’s my favorite hole on the course. We’ve seen it all on 13. On Sunday at Augusta National, this is where you start hearing the roars.”

Did you know… Clifford Roberts once drove his cart into a fairway creek on 13. It was quickly filled in.

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