With 13 birdies and a 40-footer on 18, LIV’s Bryson DeChambeau shoots 58

Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson DeChambeau on Sunday after his 40-footer for birdie on the 18th hole at the Greenbrier.

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Bryson DeChambeau turned to a TV camera. And he mouthed what you may have been mouthing. 

“Oh my god. Can you believe that?”

“Can you believe that, he says,” David Feherty commented on the CW Network broadcast.  

“No actually. We don’t.”

Why all the OMG-ness? If you’re looking for the quick news, here is a blurb: DeChambeau shot a 12-under 58 on Sunday to both win LIV Golf’s Greenbrier event and post a rare sub-60 round — 11 players have shot 59 on the PGA Tour, one has done so on the LPGA (Annika Sorenstam), and one on the PGA Tour (Jim Furyk) has fired a 58. But there’s maybe more.    

DeChambeau nearly didn’t miss. For 36 holes on the par-70 course in West Virginia. On Saturday, he shot a nine-under 61. 

Then he birdied the 449-yard, par-4 1st on Sunday on a 6-foot putt.   

Then he birdied the 446-yard, par-4 2nd on a 5-footer.  

Then he birdied the 430-yard, par-4 4th on a 6-footer. 

Then he birdied the 388-yard, par-4 5th on a 25-foot hole-out from a greenside bunker.  

Then he birdied the 475-yard, par-4 6th on an 8-foot putt.  

Then he birdied the 390-yard, par-4 7th on a 6-footer.  

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On the 238-yard, par-3 8th, DeChambeau dropped a shot. He bogeyed. Then he made seven more birdies. 

He birdied the 413-yard, par-4 9th on an 8-foot putt.  

He birdied the 354-yard, par-4 10th hole on a 10-footer.

He birdied the 570-yard, par-5 12th on a 4-footer.  

He birdied the 216-yard, par-3 15th on a 6-foot putt.  

He birdied the 385-yard, par-4 16th hole on a 6-footer.  

He birdied the 615-yard, par-5 17th on an 8-footer. That guaranteed DeChambeau the 59, should he par the 18th. 

He didn’t. He birdied. On an uphill, 40-footer, he found the cup’s middle. He jumped. He jumped again. He pumped his fist. He hugged his caddie, Greg Bodine. 

He turned to the camera. 

Afterward, they asked him how he was feeling, and he was feeling a lot. 

“Where do I even begin? I pretty much felt like I blacked out after I made that putt, so I don’t even know kind of what’s going on.

“It’s beyond words. I’ve been working so hard for a long time, and I knew something special was going to come at some point; I just didn’t know when. The way I played the first round was pretty much the worst I could have done. The second round was like, OK, obviously played really well, made a lot of good putts.

“Then today, I just kind of felt everything clicking. Missed it in the right places when I needed to, and putted beautifully today.

“There was a point in time where I did think about the 54, but I kind of threw that to the wayside, like OK, just get under 60 first.

“Then on 18, too, there was a lot of rain coming down. So I didn’t know how the ball was going to fly through the air and spin, but I was lucky to keep it a little short and ended up spinning back unfortunately, but was able to sink the 40-footer just like I work on every single day in my practice.”

One more OMG, though. 

DeChambeau said Bodine was confused. 

“I made the putt on 18, and he goes, what did you shoot? I’m like, 58. He’s like, 58, what? He didn’t really even know. It was quite a funny exchange afterwards. 

“Probably the greatest moment in my golf career.”

Bryson DeChambeau’s final round at LIV Golf’s Greenbrier event 

1st hole: 449-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 6-foot putt 
2nd hole: 446-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 5-foot putt 
3rd hole: 220-yard par-3: Par 
4th hole: 430-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 6-foot putt 
5th hole: 388-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 25-foot hole-out from a greenside bunker 
6th hole: 475-yard par-4: Birdie, on an 8-foot putt 
7th hole: 390-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 6-foot putt 
8th hole: 238-yard par-3: Bogey
9th hole: 413-yard par-4: Birdie, on an 8-foot putt 
10th hole: 354-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 10-foot putt 
11th hole: 484-yard par-4: Par
12th hole: 570-yard par-5: Birdie, on a 4-foot putt 
13th hole: 496-yard par-4: Par
14th hole: 395-yard par-4: Par
15th hole: 216-yard par-3: Birdie, on a 6-foot putt 
16th hole: 385-yard par-4: Birdie, on a 6-foot putt 
17th hole: 615-yard par-5: Birdie, on an 8-foot putt 
18th hole: 188-yard par-3: Birdie, on a 40-foot putt 

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