Why this golfer impressed Stanley Cup champ Mike Commodore

In his third visit to the Subpar studio, Stanley Cup champ Mike Commodore was as entertaining as ever.

Commodore’s conversation with hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz began with a chat about his upcoming golf trip to Cabo San Lucas. Commodore mentioned he’s still trying to channel vintage Matt Kuchar on the greens.

“That’s the one thing in my golf game that is actually decent,” Commodore said. “I can’t say I’m like, proud of it. But putting I’m not worried about. It’s everything to get to the green is what I’m worried about.”

mike commodore
How one epic golf trip gave this former NHL enforcer the yips
By: Jessica Marksbury

When it comes to players Commodore hopes to emulate between the tee and the green, he says he was impressed by a performance he witnessed over the summer.

“Calgary hosts the best Champions Tour event, it’s called the Shaw Charity Classic,” Commodore began. “I went and watched Ken Tanigawa, and I ended up watching and following K.J. Choi for like 10 holes.

“It didn’t look like much. I’m like, this guy doesn’t hit it anywhere. But I tell you what, it was amazing.”

Commodore said he watched Choi hit his tee shot into the bunker, then stick it to six feet from 205 yards away, over the lip and into the wind.

“He taps it in, I’m like, this guy’s amazing,” Commodore said. “How do I play like K.J.?”

For more fun stories from Commodore, check out the full episode below.

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