Why the PGA Tour Champions is the best retirement package in sports

Pat Perez looks into the distance during golf tournament

Pat Perez is a four-time winner on the PGA Tour, and says he can't wait to tee it up on the senior circuit when he's 50.

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While many of the game’s top players tend to hem and haw about whether or not they plan to tee it up on the senior circuit once they turn 50, there’s at least one player who can’t wait to join: Pat Perez.

The always entertaining Tour veteran is in the midst of his 21st season competing on the PGA Tour, and on this week’s episode of Subpar, the 46-year-old explained the source of his enthusiasm for the PGA Tour Champions to hosts Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz.

“Think about our sport. We have such an amazing deal,” Perez said. “This goes back to what the PGA Tour’s done to help all of us players. We have this retirement thing at 50 years old that no other sport has, where you go, hey, if you want to go play, we’re gonna give you a cart. And if you win, you’re gonna make 300 to 400 grand this week. There’s no cut! Three days, a couple pro-ams, member tee times, you know? Ten to 12. It’s incredible what the PGA Tour has done for us.

“Think about how great that is. And I’m gonna go and talk s— about what the Tour owes me?” Perez continued, referring to an earlier discussion the trio had regarding Phil Mickelson’s controversial comments. “The Tour doesn’t owe me anything. Think about what we have. We have guys that go out — Bernhard Langer has made like, $30 million on the Champ Tour. You know how much money that is? After you’re 50?!”

Pat Perez
Pat Perez on how Phil Mickelson mismanaged his Saudi golf dealings
By: Josh Berhow

Langer has actually pocketed $32.3 million in winnings on the PGA Tour Champions since his debut in 2007. Just two weeks ago, Langer notched his 43rd career Champions Tour victory, meaning he’s only two wins away from matching Hale Irwin’s record total of 45 victories.

“[Bernhard Langer’s] 64 years old — he shot his age! Incredible!” Perez said admiringly. “He’ll still be out there when I get there in four years, that’s what sucks.”

“You gotta start figuring out how to beat him right now,” Stoltz quipped.

“I’m gonna run him over with my cart!” Perez joked.

For more from Perez, including his reaction to Mickelson’s apology, and why Jon Rahm is poised to dominate the Tour for years to come, check out the full interview below.

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