WATCH: Rahm takes creativity to new level, hits incredible back-to-the-green wedge shot

August 13, 2017

Jon Rahm had virtually zero chance of winning the PGA Championship when he teed off on Sunday, but that didn’t stop him from wowing the massive crowd camping out on the 18th hole.

Rahm’s second shot on the long par-4 came to rest just inside the hazard line near the creek that runs along the left side of the fairway. He didn’t have room for a normal stance, and he didn’t want to stand in the water, so of course he just turned his back to the hole and swung one handed.

And boy did it work out. From 54 yards, Rahm’s shot landed on the green and came to rest 44 feet away from the hole. The fact that he couldn’t ground his club because his ball was inside the hazard line added to the difficulty.

“Amazing execution,” Jim Nantz said.

Rahm two-putted for bogey and signed for a final-round 75 (seven over for the tournament). Check out the shot below.